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Illustrious on Oct 15 at 13:40

But didn't everyone say Moose was "cooked" after last year? It turns out that once he adjusted and, more importantly, was full healthy, he was able to have a great season again. I think Andy is in a similar position. We know that his shoulder had been bothering him, and it's supposedly an injury which will heal with rest. He also probably has to make some adjustments, and while I don't know if he is as likely to make successful adjustments as Moose was (just a gut feeling), it's not entirely out of the question. I like the idea of bringing him back for one year and seeing if he has anything left.

If it's a choice between bringing Pettitte back for a year to see what he has left, or committing to Sheets, Lowe or Burnett for 5 or more years, then yeah, I'm all for it.

I don't really think they need him if they sign CC and bring Mussina back, though.

If you sign CC, what a lineup! You have three legit aces off the bat with CC, Moose and Wang, and a possible future ace in Joba. (Jury's still out on whether Hughes can be an ace).

While there are many teams without one legit ace, you'll have three. If all three pitch the way they pitched in 2008 (Wang up until the injury), and the team can avoid several serious injuries, a 100 win season is a possibility.

Illustrious on Oct 15 at 18:36

Assuming your scenario (CC + Moose signed), I would still be for bringing Pettitte back for a year because I'm so afraid of the injury bug.

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