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I'm in a bye month, and this since... june....

just wanted to say hello Brian, I can't wait for the Sixers season to start, in the meantime I'll check the scores of the World Series, I would like the Phillies to win only to stop that negadelphian culture that I hate


I live outside of Philly and I agree with you 100%. People here have become so negative about their teams, even when they succeed. No matter what happens, I'm proud of my team.

Did you see the partnership between the NY Yankees and, of all teams, the Dallas Cowboys?


Actually as much as I dislike the Cowboys, it makes good business sense. This is Hal's baby here, and it should start bringing in truckloads of money.

Yeah, I wrote a post on it. It makes great business sense, and it would be great if the teams passed on some of the savings to the fans, but they won't. That bugs me.

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