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I gotta hand it to ya, Brian... You are so on top of all this! Way to be on top of your game with the latest breaking news!

As a former trader, one thing not strongly mentioned is that there is another partner in this business venture. It's Goldman Sacks, Wall Street money grubbers. They must have smelled a way of making a fortune here.

Also, does it cover merchandising and TV agreements for both teams? How extensive is the collaboration?

You're right, the fans will never see the cost benefit of this. But if they are capable of improving the quality and delivery of the food, at least that is some small consolation.

On an unrelated topic, is there anyone who is going to cover the Brett Favre ratting out his old team and teammates story?

Nothing about the cable rights in this one. The Yanks already clean up with YES, the Cowboys are tied into the NFL TV deals, so they can't really branch out in that department.

This is why the Yankees and hated Cowboys are able to afford to back up a truck with money and sign guys that other teams can't afford to sign.

You gotta admire the business sense there, even while begrudgingly paying top dollar. Both owners are willing to pull out all the stops to win. I wish we had ownership like that in Philly for both the Eagles and the Phillies.

This is another example of how Jerry Jones finds ways to break the socialist revenue structure of the NFL, I like that.


Off topic, but what happened to SML? I miss reading his blog.

And is anyone covering the Brett Favre ratting out his team and calling the Lions?

I think life has intervened for SML.

For Jets' coverage, check out Green Pinstripes, I'm not sure if he's written anything on Favre's double dealing, though.

What up JJ. I scribbled some thoughts on the Favre situation. Let me know what you think.

I dont get it Brian. If it means possibly lower prices for fans and fresher,faster food whats the downside ?

The fresher, faster food doesn't have anything to do w/ the new venture. You get that in every new stadium across the country, it's the new design of the stadiums. They take things like traffic patterns, distance to seat, etc. into account when they plan stadiums so fans spend less time in line, more time in their seats etc. It's a great development actually, instead of designing stadiums to pack as many people in like cattle, they actually worry about the experience for the fans once they're in.

My problem is that they won't be passing the savings off to the fans, they'll just be pocketing the huge margins on $10 hot dogs.

It's a business, I get that, but don't pretend you're doing this out of some altruistic feeling for your customers, just call it what it is, another great way to get rich at the fans' expense.

It IS another way to get rich but you did mention there would be the chance that food may be cheaper as a result. Even if a hot dog is a dollar cheaper...its still cheaper. Its no different than a 8 dollar beer at a strip club or a 5 dollar bottle of poland spring at an outdoor concert. If people will pay it...they will charge it. There are no good guys in big business who think about the little guy.

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