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, all the time

Alex K. on Oct 29 at 9:23

I really hope you're right.

By the way, isn't the #1 pick in the Central division (Rose)?

Beasley should've been the number one pick, but you're right. Sorry, my brain isn't working at full speed yet.

Alex K. on Oct 29 at 9:25

I really hope you're right about the Hawks. I want them to win AND can Mike Woodson, I think chances are low of both occurring but there's a good chance I'll get one of them.

By the way, isn't the #1 pick in the Central division (Rose)?

Alex K. on Oct 29 at 9:27

ADD-ON: I want them to win AND can Mike Woodson, I think chances are low of both occurring but there's a good chance I'll get one of them.

The Heat is going to be better I think.

The is bothers me as well.

Magic - 51
Miami - 39
Washington - 36
Atlanta - 34
Charlotte - 32

I think that if Wade can just play about 65 games, this team is going to be competing for the playoffs. Marion can still play basketball. Beasley can play. Their supporting cast isn't too horrible either with close to average or average players in Quinn, Chalmers, Haslem, and Wright.

Alex K. on Oct 29 at 9:38

I'd also like to say Dwyane Wade did something without Shaq. His rookie year (?) the year before they got the Diesel he navigated that team to the playoffs and had a solid run when he was the only legitimate player on the team. He stepped in and was leader right away.

Sure he hasn't done much lately, but if you look at the abuse he took the first couple years, can you be shocked it caught up him with?

My main question is whether it will continue to catch up with him. If he hasn't altered his style, he's going to continue to take a pounding, only one little guy in the history of the game has taken that kind of pounding and remained productive over a long period of time, and that's Iverson.

It doesn't change your point, and it's not like I'm going to convince you otherwise when you spew all that hate, but Gilbert Arenas isn't on a max contract.

Fair point, forgot he came down a little from the max to help the team out. I made the correction.

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