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Boston - 60
Philly - 56
Toronto - 49
New York - 29
New Jersey - 25


Worth a read I would say. One of the projections has Philly at 59 wins. Most have them around 48-49.

Joe reply to Joe on Oct 29 at 9:47

Sorry, forgot to HTML that link.

48 is my guess. I don't see Brand + improved Thad + open shots for guys who can't shoot being worth 16 wins. He makes our offense better, but not that much better. I'm very much on board with the 4th-5th seed consensus that's out there. You've got us pegged to finish with the 2nd highest win total in the conference, which to me is insane.

I'm not sure how insane it really is. Look at it this way, the Sixers replaced Reggie Evans with Elton Brand, that has to be worth 10 wins. Absolutely has to. Then you're replacing Willie Green with Thad, how many wins is that worth? Potentially, they've turned their two biggest weak spots in their starting lineup into strengths. No other team in the league has made that kind of leap this offseason, not even close.

I stand by my prediction, pending tonight's game :)

Tray reply to Brian on Oct 29 at 18:50

I mean, I can kind of buy the "no other team in the league has made that kind of leap." But that doesn't mean that this big leap is worth 16 wins. To get to 56 wins, you probably need an average scoring margin of 5 points a game. I'm not sure how much better defensively we're going to get, so most of the improvement's going to have to come on the offensive end. Do you see us scoring 101 a game? I don't. Teams with that kind of offensive punch usually have shooters. Last year as a team we were already 11th in the league in straight field goal percentage at 46%. The problem was that once you factor threes in and look at adjusted field goal percentage, we were 22nd. Brand makes us a somewhat more efficient team, but he can't shoot threes. I see us scoring about 99 a game and winning 48 games.

nice wrap up. contrary to what a lot of people think, i believe o'neal will be about a 16/9 player for the season, which is an upgrade from nesterovic at the 5.

the true key's for the season will be the play of bargnani and ukic.

if bargnani can contribute 15/5 and ukic can handle the point for 10-12 minutes of quality minutes a night, this team isn't as thin as it looks.

if however, bargnani continues where he left off last season, the raptors are thin in front court reserves (humphries, jawai), and will be forced to play bosh/o'neal extended minutes = increased chance of injury.

and if the raptors are forced to use a combination of ukic/solomon, playing calderon for 38+ minutes a night will wear him out. we saw him lumber while tj ford was out last season, and he looked gassed during the stretch run.

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