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Congratulations to the Depressed Fam!!

Congrats ! I will be expecting many middle of the night updates :)


Congrats B!

I'm not going to lie, I expecting something like Marreese Thaddeus, but James Donald is money.

Wow, that is lovely.

Congrats Brian, thanks for sharing your joy with us, and the more Sixers fans the better!

Congratulations Brian!

James Donald, what an awesome name! With two in the house under the age of two, your house is going to be hoppin'.

Congrats Brian! My best to you and your family!

Congrats Brian. All the best to you and your fam.

while the birth of a son is an important thing more impt issues need to be discused like why the yankess should not go after ryan howard and what is in store for the eagles n sunday as i am in the works of making my biggest bet ofthe season on the eagles and would appreciate some inside info on westbrook and the possible outcome of the game if the ragles can cover the postd 9 point line. pleae make these posts when you are done screwing around thank you dude.... ps you shoulda had your kid on the 26th like a real man

congratulations to you and your family Brian (even if I would have liked "Manute" more)

complimenti e felicitazioni :-)

Make that boy a lefty!

Left Coast Mike on Oct 27 at 21:24

Congratulations, Brian! Mazal tov.

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