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Great job, Alex K. Very thorough break down on what the Eagles have to do.

As a Falcons fan, you are fortunate. You are watching your team on the rise to something special. Matt Ryan is a local boy, and while I want the Eagles to win, I like to see local boys do well wherever they are. I'm just not so sure about my Eagles. With Shawn Andrews out w/ back surgery, the absence of a true fullback on the team and Brian Westbrook coming off fractured ribs, I think this one will be a closer game.

Alex K. reply to JJ on Oct 26 at 14:36

Thank you very much, close game so far...

What did I say about Roddy White! Don't let him run around like that.

Yes, your call on Roddy White was on the money!

Roddy White slipped three defenders on that play... Asante deep, Dawkins and someone else as well. Dawkins looked flatfooted on that play, hate to say. It's the only big mistake the Eagles D made in the first half.

Calling it now.. That Matt Ryan interception on the fade is game.

Matt Ryan is gonna be a good one. As a Falcons fan, you have a lot to look forward to.

Correction, we had a chance till the refs took it from us..

I type this after concluding my 3-minute stomping, swearing, and screaming rant.

For once, that call didn't go against the Eagles. And for once, poor timeout/clock management hurt someone other than us. Hate to win it that way, but a win is a win, no matter how ugly.

I saw a lot of positives for the Falcons in that game, though. They hung with the Eagles for three quarters. They are getting better each week and moving in the right direction.

Michael Turner is currently #2 in the league in rushing and has proven to be a great FA sign for the Falcons. In all of the Falcons 4 wins, they have shown commitment to the run.

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