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It's OK to be lucky instead of good. Last year's improbable Giant run had some luck mixed in there.

Now that the Phils are WS Champs, anything is possible. The Eagles could go on a tear just like the Giants. Let's just take one game at a time. We could be 10-6 or 7-9....

With apologies to Tennessee, no team is a powerhouse this year. On any given Sunday, a dog can beat a contender. The league is anyone's to win. WHY NOT US?!

I think you're going to have to carry the Eagles blogosphere for a couple days, Brian, while everyone else is celebrating.

I'm an O's fan myself, so my drought is still intact. I'm hoping the Phils' championship (which I am happy about) will take some pressure off everyone and open up the floodgates for the Eagles, Flyers and Sixers, and also maybe motivate LurieBanner to be more aggressive in free-agency and more focused on the short-term needs in the early rounds of the draft. Get a Lombardi, guys. I want to riot, too.

Nice picture on the front of this story.
I think the birds could go 10-6...although 8-8 would not surprise me.
I hate to quote the fat man but "it all starts up front" is really accurate when talking about the Eagles season. The Shawn Andrews loss REALLY hurts the team. 2nd half of the dallas game, the bears goal line blowup, the redskins ggoal line blow up...all of these situations with Andrews playing could have meant at least one(bears) more win for the birds. Max Jean is adequate...at best. If theres one thing I can say for sure about the rest of the eagles season is...NOTHING. I cant say any one thing for sure..the team is an enigma. As stated before..the only SURE thing is that Andy will not be missing any meals and he wont be ordering the salad.

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