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Raptors played pretty good defense. Gotta give them that. They didn't rebound, but they did a pretty good job contesting shots.

The Raptors are a team with severe limitations though. Their entire bench is really poor. Kapono played well, but overall he is a poor player. No one else appears to be able to play from what I have seen.(only 1 game from Ukic)

Sixers looked bad, but all they need to do is cut the TOs, step up the D, and make the 2 footers they were missing.(they did those things last season) If those things happened, the Sixers would have won by double digits easily.

All the problems are correctable. My only fear is Willie. Rush is even better than him probably and Rush is bad historically.

Activate Speights, deactivate Theo. This MUST be done.

Let the kid play.

We know how well that turned out for us last season.

Hopefully with Ivey back from suspension we have another steady ball handler to cut down on the TOs. I have never liked Willie to be truthful, I rather have Ivey and Lou on the court together.

It was a bad first loss but it's a long season.

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