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If we get offensive output like this from Brand consistently surely we will be difficult to stop.

There is a need for a period of adjustment/adaptation with so many roster changes but the team will definitely get stronger as the season progresses.

So I got my free League Pass trial and, yeah, Brand has been good, but who's guarding him? He looks a little earthbound at times. And it's only 2 games in but Iguodala looks very passive. Miller looks like a rich man's Rick Brunson. And where's Thad?

Thad lost minutes to foul trouble on Wednesday, lost minutes to Willie tonight, which you can't argue with considering how Willie was shooting.

When he was in there, he put up his usual stellar numbers. 13 points, 60% from the floor. Hit a couple of jumpers, had a couple of nice drives and grabbed six boards. Games like this will probably be common for him for now, not too noticeable, but solid contributions in all facets of the game.

It looks to me like Iguodala is trying to play the role of facilitator more, or maybe to be more accurate, he's playing his game more. I think this is the role he's more comfortable in, and we can win with him looking to dish first. The key step, and one he needs to take, is to be able to not only realize when he's needed to take over the scoring load, but to be able to flip that switch and play a little selfishly. We'll see how the season progresses.

Miller's vertically-challenged game cracks me up. He had about 8 point-blank shots tonight and I don't think he got more than 4 inches off the ground for any of them. Good thing the Knicks couldn't block a shot to save their lives.

Brand had a couple dunks, but all those shot fakes under the hoop reminded me a lot of Webber when he couldn't jump at all. It's early, cross your fingers.

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