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Best post title ever. Could be used about 47 times per season.

I completely agree with the criticism of Lou, but he'll get there. Yes, he's been in the league a minute, but he keeps getting better. Last season he showed flashes of being a playmaker, but was inconsistent. I expect we'll see more of that this year. The key for him is his head, and I don't mean mental. He can get a step on anyone. But when he drives he puts his head down, and doesn't look up again until he needs to do something (anything). More often than not, that something is either 1) easy layup, 2) wild shot, or 3) wilder pass. But the real point is that he commits to making his move at a certain place and time, and he telegraphs it. Compare that to Dre Miller, who isn't nearly as fast but NEVER drops his head. When he shoots or passes depends on when and where he gets space and where his teammates are. He knows this because he can see it. If Lou can learn to slow down a bit and keep his head up, he'll ge OK. He's still a pup.

Regarding Iguodala, I hope we see more nights like this one; nights where he doesn't need to score a bunch for us to dominate. People always use this phrase as an excuse, but he really is a player who can have a huge impact without scoring. I'll take a line of 7's with a 30 point win any day.

On an unrelated note, can I just say that Kate Fegan is vastly better than Narducci on the Deep Sixer blog. It actually reads like a blog now, and she seems genuinely interested (rather than obligated to) the topic. Wonder how long she'll stick...

Yeah, I've enjoyed her blog. If you want a good laugh, check out Jasner's blog. I'm thinking we should keep track of the mis-spellings and factual errors in every post. His editor must absolutely hate him.

As for Lou, you're on the money. He sets his mind on driving and puts his head down. Don't know when this started, but it needs to stop.

Iguodala w/ 7's across the board is fine with me as well, as long as he can turn it on when they need hoop.

One thing to note about last night's game, the Knicks refused to double Brand for most of the game, and when they did double it was so slow and sloppy he could just split it and still get his shot off. When a good defensive team doubles him, they'll force the ball out of his hands, that's when Iguodala will need to step up his scoring and hit open jumpers.

now that's more like it.

gdog2004 on Nov 1 at 10:51

A nice win and I was really glad to see that Brand isnt going to be another Chris Webber for us. He looked good...it will be VERY interesting to see how he plays against the man who the sixers could have had instead of him...Josh Smith.
I know everyone here hates Willie Green--but he did look good and to be honest may be a better SG for this team than Iguodola....hes not a better player...but he can shoot it better than Andre...for now.
I hope Iggy is working on those jumpers day and night. Its the one thing that stops him from being an All NBA player.
On a side note....would you guys swap Iggy for Michael Redd--straight up ?
I would...for this team.

When Willie is hot, and I mean can't miss hot, he can play with anyone. It doesn't happen often, so the key for Mo is going to be to recognize early when he's on and ride him, but more importantly, to recognize when he's off and get him the hell out of there quickly. As we've noted a million times, when he's off, he's a team killer.

As for Redd, I wouldn't want him over Iguodala. I realized he hasn't shot it well so far, but we're only 2 games in. Give him some time. To me, Redd's a shooter and nothing more, this team has 5 versatile guys in their starting lineup, that's going to pay dividends down the road.

I Don't want to be disrespectful, but the Josh Smith stuff needs to stop. Smith isn't good enough to be mentioned in the same breath as Elton Brand and he never will. Smith blocks shots... and dunks. Brand is better in every other imaginable way. This is like comparing Paul Pierce and Richard Jefferson 3 years ago. It isn't fucking close.

Agreed on Brand over Smith. I think as soon as Elton opted out Stefanski lost Josh Smith's number.

I like Smith, he can absolutely change games with his athleticism sometimes, but Brand can, and will, carry this team offensively for stretches every single game. Smith can't do that now, and he'll probably never be able to. Brand's better on the boards, and he isn't too shabby in the blocked shot department either.

The one advantage Smith has is age.

Alex K. reply to Brian on Nov 1 at 17:18

To be devil's advocate. Watch Game 3 of the Hawks/Celtics series last year. Smith CAN absolutely carry their offense from time-to-time. He needs to improve his shooting but with his size, strength, speed and vertical he can get through the lane whenever he wants.

I didn't make my point clearly, Brand does it night in and night out. Smith doesn't have the consistency. He can definitely take over once in a while, game three being a great example.

gdog2004 reply to Joe on Nov 1 at 15:32

Im not implying Smith is better than Brand. Hes not and I would take Brand over Smith anyday...I just think its an intriguing early season matchup given the summer the sixers have had pursuing both players. Id like to see Brand do what he did last night against a team that should have a pretty good interior D....

Walt Frazier was ridiculous last night.

Good old Clyde. Never let a fact get in the way of a good rhyme.

Can I just point out that we wouldn't have lost this game if not for Iguodala's five fourth-quarter turnovers and that terrible shot he took late? Not worth the money, not a second option. Thad has already - already! - surpassed him.

I don't agree with you, but I'm not going to argue with you tonight. That fourth quarter is on Iguodala. Post is going up now.

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