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Yeah, Miller's shot has become this very flat, line-drivey thing. Iguodala wasn't just bad at the end of the fourth, though; he had three turnovers in the first three minutes of the quarter, one or two of which turned into Hawks scores. Basically he singlehandedly fueled their comeback. Iguodala for Redd - I mean, Redd's a guy who (a) does virtually nothing for you but score, and (b) isn't actually nearly as good a shooter as he's given credit for. Though he is a very good scorer. With the right coaching, I think Iguodala's more valuable to us than Redd would be.

Other than that, it's huge that Thad can apparently shoot threes. The release is a little slow, but he has nice touch. And he can also do stuff off the dribble and get by people. If he keeps producing, I think Cheeks will call more plays for him. He's proven to be a reasonably adaptable coach. Brand - I wasn't aware he was such a mid-range jump shooter. It's almost reminiscent of Webber. And in the post, he does look a little rusty and earthbound. Gets stripped a lot, doesn't handle double teams well at times. We are going to be quite a good rebounding team, but offensively - eh, off the bench we've got these very streaky, not very smart guards, they don't really seem to know how to use, when to use, or how to play off Brand yet, our starting guards can't shoot from outside of 18 feet, and we continue to be very turnover-prone - I'm just hoping we work out some of these problems and Thad continues to look this good.

Tray reply to Tray on Nov 1 at 22:52

Oh, and you also see, tonight, how nice it is to have guards who can shoot. Bibby's shooting kept them from not totally falling out of it in the first half, Johnson's scoring and outside shooting carried them in the second. Shooting can save a lot of bad possessions - obvious example being that last possession with Johnson.

Johnson's post-up game was what impressed me most. That 30-footer was luck.

Thad's release is still a bit slow, but doesn't it look quicker than it was last year? For me, the most encouraging thing is that he's looking for his shot, but isn't forcing it if it isn't there. Still shooting an excellent percentage even though he's taking more jumpers.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 1:05

A little quicker, maybe. It's very smooth though.

gdog2004 on Nov 1 at 23:23

Sickening loss. I watched it on delay as I was out earlier...(thankfully).
I cant really say the sixers "blew" the lead so to speak...Atlanta just kept playing...HARD.
Iguodola looked ok till the game mattered and then he looked terible...at least offensively.
Honestly I dont really know where you play this guy...we have a shooting guard who cant shoot. I know your saying he blew it at the end...but who else are you going to give it to ?
Brand...nope. double and triple teamed. Sammy ? Next. Miller who missed 3 critical shots earlier ? nope...Thad...--maybe...but maybe hes not ready yet. Andre is paid to be the man if Brand cant...tonight he wasnt. Honeslty I dont know if Andre is capable of being a clutch scorer...so it brings me back to my post from a few days ago. WHO is the sixers clutch scorer when the game is on the line ? Its rarely a big man...because you have to get the ball to a big man. Its usually a small forward or SG who can create his own shot and make it. We dont really have that...think of EVERY playoff team from last year...lets just say the final 7.
New Orleans-Paul
Utah-D Williams
San Antonio-Ginobli

The Sixers do not have a icewater veined closer...Maybe Thad will be that guy.
Its not Iguodola.

It completely slipped my mind, but I wanted to say that the Sixers by no means gave this game to them, the Hawks played awesome basketball for the final three quarters. My disappointment is that the Sixers couldn't close.

Thad could be that guy. Let's hope.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 1 at 23:42

I don't really think that Thad has the quickness or handle yet to deal with double teams, which he'd start to see if you elevated him into some kind of go-to guy/closer role. But Andre... I really do wish they had worked some kind of sign-and-trade. Such a frustrating player.

Sign and trade wasn't really an option. Basically, they had to sign him long-term, or lose him.

Andre Miller started slow last season also. And trade chants came out early and then he makes people question why they wanted to trade this guy by all-star break. Lets hope this is just tradition and not his age starting to creep in. Still too early to tell though.

Yup, Iguodala got off to a really bad start last season as well. They should both bounce back, I just hope it doesn't take too long.

Alex K. on Nov 2 at 0:33

May I introduce you all to the 2008 Southeastern Division Champions and Eastern Conference #5 seed... The Atlanta Hawks!

Joe Johnson is really stepping up. And Brian, I've told you this before, if Josh Smith can spend a whole summer practicing shooting a 3 then he'll be SO tough to guard.

Smith didn't look good at all last night, but Joe Johnson was unbelievable. If Johnson can be their #1 weapon, and Bibby, Horford and Williams are just OK, it doesn't matter much what you get from Smith, you just don't want him killing you with bad shots.

I think Thad is our 2-guard.

I'm not going to dump on Iguodala yet; we're three games into the season. He's definitely trying too hard, which he also did last year to start off. Then he settled down and had a good year up until he ran into Tay and the Pistons.

That said, the guy does not have a pretty stroke. I think he's about where he's going to be - solid from mid-range, but never more than an average 3-point guy. Thad, on the other hand, has a great stroke. I don't think his knocking down 3's is an accident at all. He has the mechanics and the mentality, and he'll keep getting better off the dribble. He's not a more complete player than 'Dala, but he's a better shooting guard.

gdog2004 on Nov 2 at 10:44

I dont think Thad can play shooting guard...
Not good enough ball handling skills.
I realize there are only so many Kobe/Lebrons...
I guess I am just dissapointed that we have 80 million invested in a guy who cant shoot. I love his defense and his overall game. But he may be better suited to just being a sixth man defensive stopper or something. Of course this wont happen BECAUSE we have 80 million invested...it has to work.
So far with all these great additions we have beaten a surefire lottery team, blown a 23 point lead in the 2nd half, and got spanked in our home opener. Beating the kings means nothing...

No, I don't think thad is the shooting guard. He is maturing nicely as a three. Give him more experience and he's a star there because his stroke is better and I believe his range will be too. It's plain to see. I think this team 2 MAJOR problems right now.

1. There is a black hole at the 2 right now and iggy is trying to prove he's worth the money, and that he can play the 2 (mostly by throwing up long range shots). I had to look away when he tried to match Johnson. Head to head offensively at the 2, they aren't even in the same universe.

Iggy is a good player but he has to stay within himself. His defense, slashing, transition game is his bread and butter. That's what this team needs him to excel at. If he continues to force things we are cooked. We are going to have problems closing games out.

2. Mo is not subbing well at all. He is struggling to get a rotation down and he is not staying with the guys he should (speights, thad) and he is playing too much of the guys he shouldn't (willie, lou). Not to mention Mo hasn't really had a feel for the game yet. He is staying too long with the lineup giving up the lead. I like lou, but if he doesn't start swinging the ball around I will reach through the TV and choke him myself. If Mo can't get a set rotation and maximize his talent it's going to be a long year.

Oh, and by the way, we have WAY too much veteran talent on the bench to not be utilizing. I have to believe Ed is going to have Mo's ear and mention this one of these days much the same way he did last year with utilizing the young guys more when Billy was fired. Boston managed a 10 man rotation there is no reason we can't either.

When are we going to start playing Rush? Where is Donyell Marshall? He doesn't even get a DNP-CD in the boxscores; is he hurt?

Haven't heard anything about an injury for Marshall, I think he was inactive after the first game. He made room for Speights.

Agreed on Rush, he should be seeing some time.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 2 at 17:55

Speights should be active. But what about Ivey? We don't need four guards off the bench. If you can't even get playing time over Willie Green, you're not very useful.

Ivey was serving out a suspension from last season. He had to be on the active roster, but couldn't play. I think it was 3 games, so he should be back on Monday, I'm just not sure he'll see any minutes.

It bothers me that Mo hasn't given anyone new to the team a real look yet.

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