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We were expected to win this game big and we won. But given the mismatch in talent, we should have gotten into the end zone instead of kicking FGs, although it was good to see Akers regain his confidence. So why aren't I more convinced in Eagle supremacy?

I'm just happy to see everyone come out of this game healthy with the Giants coming next. Too bad the Cowgirls and Midgets didn't kill each other and help us.

But again, the Giants went on an improbable run last year with about as much talent as we have now. If the Phils proved anything to this town, it's WHY NOT US?!


Akers still hasn't hit one over 45 yards, I don't think, but maybe this will boost his confidence a little bit. One thing I failed to mention was the LB play, those guys have been solid throughout the season and Gaither had a nice game today.

Next week is huge.

Hey Brian,

Off topic, but what do you think of the Yankees considering signing Manny?

I have some thoughts on Manny, planning a post for Monday.

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