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gdog2004 on Nov 2 at 21:09

Nice solid win over a terrible Seattle team.
Is it just me or did it look like westbrook was falling forward the whole game? Maybe protecting the ribs ?
I dunno.
A win is a win..
I will start believing the Eagles belong in the playoffs if they beat down the Giants next week.
Another crap start from Mnabb in that game and it will be over in the 1st quarter.
curits looked good, as did Celek. I hope LJ never comes back.

He still isn't 100%. His moves are there, but his breakaway speed isn't. There were two runs today that he would've broken for huge gains, but he got caught from behind. You're probably right about protecting the ribs, I didn't really notice it, but it makes sense. I think the bigger issue for him is the ankle. I also thought Reid could've gotten him out of there a little earlier and used Buck to close the game down once it was out of reach and it was clear Seattle had no prayer of coming back.

Baldinger did a really good job on the broadcast today, meant to mention that in the post. Made a lot of really good points.

gdog2004 on Nov 3 at 6:37

Baldinger is my favorite analyst. He really seems to know what hes talking about---see if you can catch pro football weekly on comcast sometime. Hes very well read and really understands and studies the game.

gcl138 on Nov 3 at 8:37

This is a game we had to win. You have to beat up on the bad teams to stay with the rest of the NFC bEAST. But even though we won, the fact that we had to settle for all those field goals instead of touchdowns will not fly against a good Giants team next week. Lets face it, that Seatle team was junk and they reduced us to just the field goals. The Giants next week are a much better team and we have to step it up. gdog2004, I did notice that Westbrook kept lunging forward at the end of runs, maybe it is to protect his ribs but it always seems to get us a few extra yards too. I still think Westbrooks ankle is the problem. He has not made the quick cuts on linebackers on the outside like he usually can. It seems like he is just heading toward the sidelines instead of cutting back in on them. Also, why was he even in the game half way through the 3rd. Buck has proven his worth and should have gotten those snaps rest Westbrook. Also they should reduce LJ Smith rule. Every time Celek has a chance to be in the game he has proven himself.

Gdog reply to gcl138 on Nov 3 at 9:29

One think I like about Celek...he ALWAYS looks for the extra yards. Unlike LJ who seems to instantly go into fall down mode as soon as he catches it.
I am not sure how many yards the SeaHawks rushed for but it seems to me whenever Julius Jones touched the ball they just manhandled him. I like the one play where the whole defense just picked him up over their heads and slammed him to the ground. It was like "how dare you even CONSIDER rushing up the middle on us ?!? " Loved it.
Samuel seems to be the best cover corner we have had in 20 years. Id like to see him shut down Burris next week. We will need all 3 of our corners against the best team in football...the NY Giants.
O line also had a VERY nice game.

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