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Where in the world did you find that pic of Manny drilling for oil?! It's a classic!

Your analysis of Manny and what he brings/does to a team is superb. Is he just mentally too dumb or too stupid to be fooled by a pitcher? What a great question you raise here!

Manny's hitting coach in Cleveland was Charlie Manual. (The two apparently have remained close over the years). Many in Philly (self included) thought Uncle Charlie is a dim bulb. Now I wonder if he's a dim bulb or a brilliant manager of people. In any case, Manuel and Manny are similar... you just can't be sure if this guy is playing dumb or really dumb but whatever it is, they get results.

I would think only a handful of teams have the money and desire to sign Manny. I'd think Chicago, L.A., New York would be the teams that can afford to sign him. And having Satan as himself as an agent (Scott Boras) may hurt him in the negotiations with L.A. as rumor has it that L.A. has no love loss for Boras. If Manny wants to stay in L.A., he may have to dump Boras to get it done. Will he turn on his agent as quickly as he turns on his managers/teammates?

I've bitched before as a Phillies fan of not being able to compete with the very upper echelon (NY, Boston, Chicago and L.A.) for top talent. While I admire Manny as being the best hitter in baseball, I'm glad we won't be in contention. I think our Phillies pitchers got lucky when we faced Ramirez. I'd hate to see him as a Met as he'd be the scariest hitter in our own backyard to face. And because I like the Yankees, I don't want to see him there. Team chemistry has got to be considered, and honestly the guy who's best able to handle big egos and team chemistry is Joe Torre.

I have no idea where he's going to land. I thought Philly may actually make a run at him, but they'd be better off signing Burrell, in my opinion. The Mets are a definite possibility. Maybe he'll take a shorter deal for more $ yearly from the Dodgers. I have no idea, I just hope it isn't the Yanks.

I would think that if he is as good a hitter as he is, then he isn't that stupid. His actions on the field aren't that smart though.

I can't imagine Oakland spending any kind of money on any player, but Manny would be the kind of player that they need. He can hit for average and power, which they have none of!

His bat fits in any lineup, that's beyond doubt. I just don't know which clubhouse can handle him.

Alex K. on Nov 3 at 12:29

He's coming to New York...

Just to Queens. You heard it here first.

I'd be fine w/ that.

the scary thing is I thought the Phils might put an offer out to him too. Ramirez says he loves Manuel, and Manuel said how he loves Manny and that "Manny's like a son to me," and this mutual admiration society had me wondering...
Is this why Pat Burrell isn't getting an offer?

I think new GM Ruben Amaro will wisely decline, though. Knowing how much Phils' management hate Scott Boras from dealing with Travis Lee and J.D. Drew, I don't think they'd go down that road as long as Boras is Manny's agent.

Agreed it would be wiser and cheaper to re-sign Pat Burrell, who's also younger, but I don't think they're going with that option either. I think Left Field is an open position at the Zen at this point.

But again, I hate the thought of pitching to him if he's a Met....

I am a Phils fan and a huge Burrell fan, but I don't know if we should sign the guy. His on-base skills won't leave anytime soon, but the general hitting ability could go downhill pretty fast. I mean, look at what happened to us this year with Jenkins. Manny... I mean, don't you kinda wonder if the Red Sox would've won the Series with him? I sure think that in a series that went 7 games he could've put them over the top. As much of a nut as he is, when did he ever really cost his team wins? I would go for him if I were you, except that, if I were you, I'd be way more worried about pitching. That rotation is very sketchy. Invest in Sabathia and Derek Lowe instead.

I think he probably cost them wins this season, and I think he would've done a lot more damage if Francona wasn't managing them. He did a good job of coddling Manny. I have zero confidence that Girardi would be able to handle the situation.

Pitching is the priority. Just get Sabathia, concentrate on that and then worry about any other moves.

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