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Sixers haven't been the same without AI.

I'd agree with you if he left Philly after 2001. Unfortunately, we sat through about 4 years of bad basketball in Philly before he left. I like the direction they're headed in now.

Isn't it typical for the Sixers to start slowly anyway?

I haven't seen a Sixers game yet this season (I'm a terrible fan!), so I'm not worried. Eventually this talent will play well together and the pieces are in place for a playoff run. But I still miss Allen Iverson and will be watching more of the Pistons games in the future.

Yep, a slow start is typical, I think we were all just hoping that this new team wouldn't fall into typical Sixers' patterns.

Theo??? How can you make a free agent acquisition who never plays a captain? I could see making Brand a captain - but Theo? Shit, why not make Thad the captain. As Larry Brown would say, he Plays The Right Way.

Geez, I didn't notice when you mentioned Captains or just somehow didn't pay attention. Tray's right... why name Theo a Captain if you're not going to give him playing time? I'd say Mo was naming him Captain more for his past with the Sixers than the present.

My nba league pass was stuck on "Loading: 98%" all game, but looking at the box score all I think you can take from this game is that Sacto sucks, Marshall can still shoot in garbage time, and may be able to shoot in real time, Thad's our best player not named Elton Brand (although he does seem to be rebounding less now that he doesn't have to fight for PT - have you noticed that?), Rush should probably play a little more, and Dalembert still has issues.

The rebounding could be due to the position change for Thad. I would like to see his steals and assists go up, but I think they're adding things little by little for him still. His ceiling is so high.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 3 at 23:48

Maybe, but he just seemed to hustle a lot more on the offensive glass last season. Anyway, it's so nice to know that we have a guy who not only has one of the highest ceilings in the NBA, but (a) is only 20 and (b) has the best mental makeup of any young player in basketball. Except I'm starting to worry if he's a little too, you know, polite? Like can you imagine Thad really becoming a franchise player, last-shot-draining, killer mentality, stepping over Tyronn Lue's crossed-over lying-on-the-floor body with manifest disdain, type of guy? I don't know.

I see him draining a three at the buzzer and just smiling ear to ear as he walks off the court.

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