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Should we be worried about Sammy yet?

No more than usual, I don't think. We only really need to worry if he starts to pout because he's been marginalized. As long as he's playing hard, there's nothing new to worry about.

Hard to get excited over a win over the Kings...BUT...I am impressed with Thad. He is just so lonnnngggg --no wonder he gave Martin fits. In a couple years this guy is going to be the Sixers best player on both sides of the floor. Speights looked good...but he does look like a baby out there. I mean he has a full grown body but he just looks soooo young. He should grow some facial hair or something. Give him that badass look !

I think he has the potential to be a Tayshaun Prince type of lock down defender.

The Kings are absolutely awful... like, worse than the Knicks awful. We needed to pound them to dust and we did. So, mission accomplished.

Mo definitely needs to get Speights and Rush into the game and, as necessary, reduce Willie and Reggie's minutes. I like Reggie, so I'm not suggesting he should be sitting at the end of the bench. But Speights has SO much potential and he arguably already has a better offensive game than either Reggie or Sammy. Rush is just deadly from the outside and, if he knows what's good for him, he won't become a total black hole like Willie. He'll take (and make) his shots when they're there and pass when they're not.

Oh, and Sammy... yeah, wow! I've know eighth graders with better hands and better understanding of the game. He literally gets by on his height and athleticism and that's it. Nothing more.

Finally, what to do with an athletic $80 million shooting guard who really can't shoot? Mo really has his work cut out for him.

I'd love to see Thad drop down to the four, Iguodala move to the three and Rush come in at the two when good teams try to zone up the Sixers. Quick ball movement and a power forward who can shoot the three would punish them.

Iguodala is fine. The whole team, in fact, is fine. The only problems, to me, seem to be outside shooting and Willie Green. Both so far have been great, but neither will last.

Also the defense has underperformed at times.

I loved the Cheeks post game by the way. He basically said that it goes against his previous basketball knowledge, but he has to play Speights more because he deserves it. He also said that he made a mistake with Thad last year and that he is going to try to not allow that again.

Tray reply to Joe on Nov 4 at 10:41

Iguodala hasn't really had a good game yet. I mean, you can't call last night a bad game or a good game, just a decent 23 minutes, but other than that it's been pretty rocky.

He's taken a back seat in both of the wins, only took 5 shots last night, which could be seen as a good sign, doesn't care about his stats. Still waiting for a breakout game from him, it's coming.

Those comments from Mo are music to my ears. By the end of the season our fourth quarter lineup is going to be Speights and Brand up front with Thad, Iguodala, Miller/Lou. I can't wait, either.

Outside shooting is a big part of the game. You can't jam and lay-up 100% of the time.

The rotations need to be better so either Thad, Kareem, Donyell, or perhaps Lou (when he's hitting) is always on the floor to keep the defense honest. You can't take Thad out, slide Iggy down to SF, and bring in Willie Green and Lou Will. The ball movement stops completely and, unless either Lou or Willie is hot on that given evening, you have a recipe for total disaster from the outside.

Completely agree. Willie and Lou have glue on their hands and the offense just dies. The other guys may as well not be on the floor.

That occurred to me last night at some point, Brian. Give Brand a breather and slide both Thad and Iggy down to make room for Kareem at the 2. Now that's something I'd like to see. Of course, the lineup wouldn't have either Willie Green or Reggie Evans in it, so I don't know if Mo's brain is capable of making it happen. ;)

I want to see more of what Ivey has. Anyone else feel the same way? This guy is essentially our #2 PG from what I am seeing right now, since Lou has been really bad thusfar.

Ivey definitely deserves a look. All the new guys do. They need to get some meaningful minutes now so Mo can figure out who best fits where in the rotation. The thing that's really worried me is that in tight games, he's gone strictly with the guys he knows from last year, Lou, Willie and Evans. He needs to get comfortable using the new guys in those situations.

Yup, some combination of Thad, Iggy or Miller with a hot shooter need to be in at all times to make sure the offense is running smoothly. We can't have lou and willie in the backcourt together for prolonged periods. I think Mo will eventually get the rotation straight and avoid this. But it's encouraging that they've embarrassed to horrific teams. There was something business like about it - kind of refreshing, really.

A couple key points you guys are overlooking about Green and Lou. They make a LOT of money compared to Marshall, Ivey or rush--
There is NO WAY they are going to sit players who earn that much for minimum wage players. You have to keep the owner of the team happy. After all...the coaches picked these guys when it came to contract time...if they fail its on them.
I dont agree with it...but thats NBA business. Having said that...i think Green has been pretty good. Lou--not so much. I would love to see green score 12ppg and look good enough that they could unload his contract on someone.

Lou's contract is on Stefanski, so I buy the argument there. I also think Lou should be playing. Green and Evans, though, were both BK guys. I doubt management really cares how much they play. If Green's contract wasn't so bad, he probably would've been shipped out by now.

gdog2004 on Nov 4 at 18:06

Im not really down on Evans. I know when I was in philly to see them play detroit in the playoffs he was a big key to the game. He just came in with crazy energy...
It could just be me but hasnt Willie played pretty well this year ? I dont watch every minute of every game but he seems to have performed well...hasnt he ?
Having said that...ur right...he is BK's guy but what can you do with a guy like him ? If you dont play him he has zero trade value...tough spot for the sixers Mo will have to find a way to work in Ivey and Rush.

Willie Green is Willie Green... he's neither good nor bad... and he could definitely be a contributor (though not a starter) on any number of teams... just not ours.

The short answer to any question about Willie Green is this: There simply isn't a place on this year's team for him. We should trade him for practically anyone just to get him off the team and create space for more playing time for Kareem and Donyell. Honestly, the only thing this team truly lacks is shooting... and Willie Green is WAY too sporadic in that department to provide meaningful help in this area.

We'll win a ton of games with a nine man rotation including Miller, Lou, Iggy, Kareem, Thad, Brand, Reggie, Sammy, and Speights. Donyell isn't a part of the rotation, but he can be an excellent "secret weapon" for us. Willie, on the other hand, fills no need and thus has no place anywhere in our current or future plans.

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