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Alex K. on Nov 5 at 11:53

I would really like a move for Matt Kemp. As you know, I LOVE Cano since he came up the year I became an official Yankees fan but his work ethic has been lackluster.

I do think everyone is forgetting how unlucky he really was last year. His line-drive rate was up, ground his average was down, and his lines were around .290/.330 if you take out his abysmal April. His BABIP was .286, an entire .050 lower than his average and much lower than the league average.

Unless we trade him to the Dodgers (who we know like him), why sell low? I think bad luck has a LOT to do with his bad season. He's scapegoat when there have been more harsh realities tied into the shock of not making the playoffs:

-Melky really is just a 4th OF.
-Hughes/Kennedy actually need time to develop.
-Our team is old and prone to injury.
-If you're having a transition, you MAY actually not make the playoffs.

Again, if we can get Kemp for Cano I'm all for it. Beyond that, I think we'd be trading him based on something he couldn't control (bad luck). He's always had some lackadaisical fielding, but he's a plus defender with a great arm and like talking about Manny, his strong arm from 2B with slightly above average range makes up for his occasional mental lapse (combined with his offense from a premium position to get it).

So again,I'd be upset unless Cano for Kemp. Holliday hasn't convinced me he's great yet.

For me, it wasn't his overall performance so much as the effort level. He can redeem himself in my eyes, but right now the only image I have in my mind is him jogging after that grounder against the Angels as it dribbled through the infield and the game-winning run scored.

Tell me more about the possibility of Howard!!!

I read today they're thinking about extending him, so I don't think there's any chance. The WS pretty much guaranteed he's staying put.

While Howard will stay put until 2011, he'll be a free agent then and at that point, he may be a Yankee. I suspect the Phils will have a Moneyball type manager in Amaro. Once a player hits their early 30's and qualify for a big payday, the Phils will let him walk (see Aaron Rowand, Pat Burrell, Bobby Abreu). Management sees this team as a business.

What you would need would be a bridge till the 2012 season, then you would have the biggest, baddest HR hitter in the game.

As for Prince Fielder, that guy is a cheeseburger away from a heart attack. He is as wide as his dad was at the end of his career. Eventually his weight will become an issue in his performance. Matt Halliday isn't a bad option, although I thought the Rockies were going to try to rebuild around him anyone's available at the right price.
If a pitcher is in the price, I hope it's Kennedy as opposed to Hughes and I'm assuming Chamberlain will be untouchable.

PS... Please Yankees, re-sign Damasco Marte. I'd hate to see him as a Mutt coming in to pitch to the Phillies in the eighth.

And what of your favorite malingerer, Carl Pavano? Hopefully Cashman won't offer him a contract, right?

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