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, all the time

scorer like Wade lightly.*

I think "with a scorer like Wade" should be comma'd on each side too.

area "of" concern.

Since you made grammar a topic, I couldn't help myself.

If the Sixers lost, it would be so annoying hearing how they are "overrated", like Chad Ford is hinting at, or some other nonsense. It is still so early and this tema should be 3-1 at least.

All fair points, and I made the changes. I'm getting sloppy.

Funny, when it suits them, ESPN guys love to use point differential as the be-all-end-all judge of a team. Right now the Sixers are +11.3, third-best in the league. Obviously doesn't mean much w/ the small sample size and the competition, but still, funny how they conveniently abandon it.

Speights got playing time with the first team against Sacramento... time for Mo to give Kareem Rush the same opportunity.

When Mo takes Thad out and slides Iggy down to SF, he needs to bring in Rush instead of Willie.

Of course, if that actually happens, I'll owe somebody a Coke.

Lou is probably going to be the sixth man on most nights, and I'm fine with that. Let fouls or just flow of the game dictate who he comes in for (probably Thad). When Green is the second guy off the bench, that's when we run into problems. You have to give those minutes to Rush or Ivey, can't have Willie and Lou in the backcourt together. Someone else brought this up in the comments on an earlier post, and it was a great point.

Bart reply to Brian on Nov 6 at 9:03

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was me. LOL I'm completely NOT on board with Lou and Willie subbing in at the same time... and it seems to be happening quite consistently. That crazy Mo!... sigh.

I've trolled around espn for a week now and enthusiam for the sixers is certainly ebbed recently. Whispers from "scouts" saying they are vastly overrated are mentioned. The prevailing thought is they don't have a go-to star, and that makes them an above average team.

I wouldn't listen to them though. They aren't the "Boston" sixers, so you won't see anyone from that site bending over backwards to throw praise. It's early and they still need to mesh more together. They'll go 1-1 on this trip and come out 3-3 with a favorable schedule in the near future. If we can come out 4-2, we could really start a nice roll here.

Orlando is going to be a big test. Have to defend the three against them.

Tray reply to Max on Nov 5 at 17:38

I don't know who vastly overrated them (except for our host here), they're a 4th or 5th seed caliber team. And maybe they could get lucky in the playoffs, or make a deal before the playoffs. But that's where analysts pegged them before the season started and I doubt anyone's thinking we've turned into a total pumpkin yet. Some questions worth considering though: From what you've seen so far, will Brand have a better or worse season than (a) Dwight Howard and (b) Chris Bosh? Is our supporting cast around Brand better than Orlando's supporting cast or Toronto's?

And Iguodala comes back into the game just to blow it. 3 possessions, 2 touches, 2 turnovers, 1 more foul. Williams continues to massage the ball, although at least he's making things happen. Speights looks good though.

watching a team turn it over almost 30 times is painful.

Understatement of the year.

That was a thorough beating. Ugh.

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