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Alex K. on Nov 6 at 9:28

I like the trade. Still not sold on Holliday (I would rather have Kemp) but if we can unload Matsui as well I would not be mad at that.

If you're going to get another corner outfielder, you need to move one. I'd be happy with this one, but a little worried about the lack of lefties in the lineup.

Why in the world would Seattle trade a viable prospect for Matsui?

Does Seattle have a large Asian population? Because I know their owner is Asian, and, obviously, they love Ichiro. Maybe Matsui would help with attendance or something.

I believe they do have a large Asian population, and that's the only possible reason I could think of. Still, I think Ichiro is probably enough of a draw for that segment of the fanbase. The rumor sounds like BS to me, but it's still fun to play what if.

Halliday's a decent option for the Yankees but his production may drop coming to the AL and playing in a less hitter-friendly park. But if Seattle would be dumb enough trade away a good prospect for Matsui then the Yanks should jump on this one.

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