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Wait, so all we have to do is not turn the ball over and we'll beat the Magic in Orlando? I'm thinking it might help if the team doesn't shoot 38% or 41% too (those being the percentages we shot in our losses to the Heat and Hawks).

Keep it simple. Manage the turnovers and the ATL game is definitely not a loss. Probably the same thing last night.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 6 at 18:20

Well with all respect, I really don't think that 11 fewer turnovers (that would get us to 14, which is what the Heat did) would've been enough when we shot 38%. Like do the math - 11 more turnovers equals 11 more shots, on the percentages we were shooting we would've made about four of them... even if they were all threes that still just gets you to 95 points.

Joe reply to Tray on Nov 6 at 20:50

subtract the respective points off turnovers for those 11. I believe that would be around 14.

Turnovers are the only real problem.

Tray reply to Joe on Nov 6 at 21:27

Yeah, but they still would've had those possessions - they may or may not have scored on those possessions. Anyway, as you're seeing in this game, we're losing pretty badly and it's because we can't make shots, not because of our turnovers.

It was both, but mainly the shooting tonight. The sad thing is that they weren't missing jumpers, they were missing gimmes all night long. How many layups can an NBA team miss?

Barkley on Andre: "He can't shoot! Can't shoot! He's gotta learn how to shoot the ball... don't make excuses, Ernie, he can't shoot!"

I knew you'd love that.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 6 at 23:02

He's never spoken truer words. Now when you do your post, don't give us some BS about how he was two assists away from a triple double. He coughed up the ball three times down the stretch (once with one of his patented "my dribble is too poor to go around people, so I just run right through them and hope they call blocking" moves), threw up some airballs and clunkers that might as well count as turnovers, and generally sucked.

It's up now. That was a horrible game from Iguodala, horrible wire to wire. In the first half he disappeared when they needed him to give them some offense. In the second half he forced it and made a ton of bad decisions with the ball.

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