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Dammit, why didn't the Yanks pick up the option on Damasco Marte?

That pisses me off as a Phils fan, as Marte could do a lot of damage against us. I just hope he doesn't come back to the National League.

In other news, I heard NY's favorite malingerer has filed for free agency. Who would be in their right mind to sign Pavano?

Maybe the Mets will sign Pavano :)

I too gave my vote to Jose Molina.
Hopefully Cashman can steal JC Romero from the Phillies.

The Mets already have Pedro the malingerer, so Pavano would have company on the DL/rehab list.
I'm just hoping the Yanks sign Sabathia before the Mutts do.

As for JC Romero, you're right, Raven, he'd be a good set-up man for the Yankees (I prefer Romero to Madson) but he signed a 3 yr./12 mil. deal with the Phils before the start of last season. The Phillie from the pen that may be available is RHP Madson. His agent Boras already started yapping so the Phils may opt to trade Madson while his value is high instead of dealing w/ Boras when he becomes a free agent next season. Too bad he's not a lefty.

Well, I like Madson, too.
I think he's much better than Britton and Veras.

Boras is comparing him to Mariano Rivera in 1996, which is a bit silly. I doubt the Phils will look to move him, though. He may be a free agent next summer, though.

You're right, Brian, comparing Madson/Lidge to Rivera/Wetteland is an overrated comparison. Madson finished the year strong but had a history of inconsistent performances before the All-Star break (and in previous years). Knowing how much the Phils dislike Boras, they may trade him while his value is up. I actually prefer Romero and wouldn't mind Madson moving given his agent.

Bad news is the Phils are also interested in Halliday. I don't want to see them in a bidding war with the Yankees as it hurts the Phils more and whoever wins will overpay so it hurts either my favorite AL or NL team. The price for Halliday would be Victorino, possibly Werth and A.J. Happ, who has great promise and a 57 (not a typo) mph change up that makes major leaguers look silly. I can't believe they'd consider trading Victorino or Werth and IMO, it's too steep a price and definitely means Pat the Bat is a goner so I'm not for this deal. And it still doesn't address their most pressing need for a decent 3rd basemen, a catcher and a starting pitcher.

So please, Yankees, save the Phils from themselves. Sign Marte and sign Halliday. And I am giving permission to trade Madson, if we can get a few good prospects :-).

Victorino or Werth for Matt Holliday?
That's a bad idea.
And Phil Coke should be a starter.

I'd love for the Yanks to get Victorino.

I can't believe the Phils could even consider trading Victorino.

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