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Just watched former Eagle Clinton Hart get called for a bogus Pass Interference penalty that put K.C. down on the goal vs. San Diego. On the 4th and goal, Tony Gonzalez just fought for a sensational catch to make it 20-19, but then Herm Edwards decided to go for 2 points for the Win instead of the extra point to tie. And Clinton Hart knocked the ball away to keep the score 20-19.

If you were Herm Edwards, would you have gone for the conversion instead of the sure extra point to tie the game?

As a general rule, I do the opposite of what Herm Edwards does in most situations. This time, though, I can't argue with it too much. They hadn't been able to drive the ball the entire second half and San Diego seemed to be able to move the ball at will. He had a chance to win the game right there instead of die a slow death in overtime. Didn't work out, but doesn't really make a difference for a 1-8 team.

True, at 1-7 what did he have to lose?

Are the Eagles still favored by 3 in this game?
Is anyone live blogging this game?

I'll be here, putting some notes up throughout. Giants are favored by 1 point now.

Eagles receiver Hank Baskett has just caught himself a playmate, Kendra Wilkinson. Let's hope it's not his only catch of the day. If nothing else, he has bragging rights to having the hottest fiancee.

Live blogging tonight on Bleeding Green Nation,FYI

WOO HOO!!!! Way to go Patterson! INT = TD = 7-0 Birds....!!!!!!! Good start!

Brian, I wish you were doing the live blogging. Bleeding Green Nation is OK, but your group of Eagle fans is the best!

I'm putting notes up, that's pretty much all I can handle tonight. You can see them above.

How's James Donald? How's big sister doing?

Everyone's sick. It's been a rough weekend around here.

YIKES!! Sorry to hear that. Get well. (And Brian, tell Cashman to sign Halliday, will ya? :-)

You know, normally, I'd be screaming at LJ/Donovan getting worked up. But no matter what the Eagles, Sixers and Flyers do, the Phils are the World Series Champions. Geez, that's better than a 55 gallon drum of Prozac.

Eagles had the ball for 90 sec. in the 1st. Yikes.

If McNabb doesn't settle down right now this game is going to be a serious blowout.

Hey, did Lawyer Milloy ever get fined for that hit on LJ?

Nope, I don't think there was a fine.

The Giants are just a superior team aren't they? There offensive line is manhandling the defensive line. It's men against boys.

Sure looks like it so far.

Brian or Max or anyone,

What did Herremanns do to get himself benched for Cole to start?

Haven't heard.

Max reply to JJ on Nov 9 at 21:16

JJ, the following is the only explanation as of now:

A team spokesman said the benching of Herremans was "a coach's decision," but would not elaborate further.

Apparently, this same thing happened last season with herremans before the Giants game here last season.

Max reply to JJ on Nov 9 at 21:21

This is the link

I hate when Reid doesn't tell you what's going on with the team.

gdog2004 on Nov 9 at 21:21

Im so tired of Mcnabb and his piss poor starts. We have the best running back in the league and all Reid wants to do is throw the ball...fucking moron.

We have to get LJ involved to prove he should be starting over Celek. Don't worry about winning the game, we just have to show we made the right call at TE. Friggin' moron. Meanwhile, how many touches does Westbrook have, 1?

Max reply to Brian on Nov 9 at 21:32

It may sound like sarcasm...but it's true. TOUCHDOWN!

And he benches Herremans for some unknown reason. Way to go, Andy.

When are we going to get Westbrook involved in this game?!

Probably 4th quarter, when it doesn't matter.

God, watching the Eagles 2 minute offense is PAINFUL! You'd think 10 years would be enough time for Andy and McNabb to get some fluidity to it.

That was infinitely better than usual. Which is very sad.

Anyone else hate Chris Collins?

Greg Lewis is an idiot.

Game might as well be over. Giants have been manhandling the D all game. All they have to do is hand it off and they pick up 8-10 yards a run.

If the D has a stand in them, they have to make it right now. A FG here and it's only a 6-point game, maybe Westbrook breaks one. No way we're coming back from 10 down, though.

lock it up baby!!!!! best team in foot ball period!!! eagles are in the basement where they belong.. im flyin back for my free pie !!!!!

by the way the line never moved off -3 all day in vegas idont know where u are getting ur info giants money line was plus 160

ESPN had the line at Giants -1.5. I guess they just made it up.


Andy Reid gets schooled again on national TV.


gdog2004 on Nov 9 at 23:52

Giants are just better. I cant really fault the Eagles...or even the coaching. Not this game.
The Giants do what they do which is play smash mouth, ball control football. Its methodical...even boring at times but it works.
The Eagles dont have the horses to compete with the giants and their only hope of moving the ball when its tight is to hopefully catch the Giants off guard. It didnt work.
Dont be fooled by the score...the Giants dominated this game from the start. Congratz to the giants...the Eagles are a decent team. But the Giants are the best. At least right now.

well i work ina sportsbook ant the line was -3 as of 20 min beforekickoff

"I've got to do a better job next time."

Oh, the number of times we've heard that.

Frustrating, as the Giants gave us enough opportunities that, if we were a truly great team, we could have won with.

What I'm saying is the Eagles may not be truly great, but then again, neither are the Giants. They are beatable.

This has been established time and time again over the years, but apparently Andy Reid doesnt pay attention to history.
You will win in the NFL if you can run the ball and stop the run. The Eagles can do neither...
Look at the titans....is Kerry Collins better than Mcnabb ? No. Not even close.
I think the Eagles COULD stop the run if their defense had a chance to rest but the offense cannot run the ball. They are not committed to it and never will be with Andy Reid. Thats reality...
In the playoff game against Carolina a few years the Eagles were POUNDING the panthers with the run...the panthers couldnt stop them. Reid moved away from the run, got pass happy, and the birds lost. Duce later said that the Eagles would have won that game if they just stuck with the run...he was gone from the team after that.
This pass only offense has only worked a few times for a championship ---with the rams (they won by a foot) and with the 49ers...(they had Montana, and Rice.(we dont)
So with all this will the philosophy change for a team thats 29-28 since their super bowl run ? Sadly no. But thats what we are stuck with...

Andy sucks

Agree with your argument GDog that to win, you have to run and stop the run, but Kerry Collins actually has a very good arm and over the years, has become a better game manager. McNabb has talent, no doubt about it, but what is sometimes in question is his leadership ability. And I certainly question Reid's ability to playcall and assess talent at this point.

I have to wonder why Andy is insisting on starting LJ at this point over Celek. He's hearing footsteps and giving up on catchable balls, IMO. I'd start Celek and use LJ coming off the bench. He and McNabb look out of sync.

Annother guy who looks out of sync is Kevin Curtis. Again, I will make a case for throwing the damn ball to Baskett. The rest of the Eagle receivers are smallish....He's the only receiver with both size and speed yet they don't take advantage of the height or speed often enough. He outjumped 6' Aaron Ross for that TD. Why not throw him the ball a few more times and see if he can keep up?

Well, I think it's time to raise a question. It's really not a question born out of anger over last nights game but slow brewing frustation over a period of, oh, say...five years. Is it about time Andy, the most winningest coach in franchise history, is shown the door?

There is some talent on this team, no question. I just don't think he knows how to utilize it to beat good football teams consistently. The NFC has caught on to his tendencies and this conference is noticably stronger now. He gets outcoached very often nowadays and his refusal to commit to the running game, or obtain personnell that can stop it, is a joke. They just got steamrolled by a team that commits to the run and they looked like a jv team. It must be embarrasing for the players.

I agree with your assessment, but I seriously doubt Andy and the team do.

Right now, in a room somewhere, Andy is kicking himself because the game was so close, and patting himself on the back because the game was so close. I expect at some point this week to hear how close they were, and how they've now lost 4 games by a total of 19 points.

At some point, you have to realize that good, well-coached teams, win games like this. Mediocre, poorly-coached teams lose them. If you keep losing them, what does that tell you about yourself and your team?

Up to this point I backed Andy and D-mac when ever people would talk badly about them but I done with both of them. D-mac is not the player that brought us all that glory years ago. He will never be that great again, he is barely average. I do not care how well he plays and jacks his stats up against crap teams. He has not won an important game in years now. He can not handle the stress and comes out flat every game, and his play clock management is a joke. He goes 3 and out over and over again leaving our defense on the field too long. Our tackles, once great, are old and slow. They do not get the push they used too, they can pass protect but the rush is gone. We will not make the playoffs this year. I almost hope we loose out just so we rid ourselves of D-mac, Andy and the rest of our aging players. This is what happens when you trade away your first round picks every year.

Look on the bright side, we'll have two first-round picks to trade away next year.

How much do you wanna bet Andy drafts two O linemen with those picks?

Probably an o-lineman and an under-sized d-lineman.

BrianS reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 9:57

If they draft anyone who is labled "undersized", I am going to throw a brick through my TV.

Apparently you can DVOA and Pythagorean win total or something to determine that the Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFL, but have been terribly unlucky.

f*** that. Good teams make their own luck.

They do have a knack for drafting undersized D linemen, don't they? But ironically the shortest D lineman yesterday (Patterson) had the best game.

Honestly I see the Giants and Tennessee as both being beatable. No one has total dominance this year. That said, the Eagles should be careful not to look ahead in Cincy. That would truly be an embarrassing loss.

Any more info. on why they benched Herreman's? A 'coaches decision' is a vague Andyism.... what did he do, jump ahead of Andy at the Old Country Buffet chow line or something?

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