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Great write up, I couldn't agree more. This is the chief reason they've been committing so many TO's. I wonder if they've been practicing this?

I have to assume they've spent a great deal of time working on this. And the turnovers are a direct result of bad spacing and bad hands (dalembert). They can do something about one of those things w/ better schemes.

Wow...really good post. Well thought out, and the diagrams rock. It all seems so simple which really just makes the sixers inability to correct themselves more frustrating. Can't wait for Tuesday.

Wow... kudos, Brian. I'm really, really interested in seeing what four days of practice does for the boys. When they take the court tomorrow, they better look energized and sharp. And if I don't see any improvement along these lines (i.e. the things you pointed out here), I'll be gravely disappointed.

It's probably not going to happen overnight. The most important thing is we need to see some leadership on the court. Like, if Brand gets the ball in the post and there's no outlet, he needs to be vocal about it and point guys to the right spots.

If they start beating the double regularly, it'll make teams hesitant to double, and make EB much more effective down low. It'll also cause confusion w/ teams trying to decide if they should go double or not, which leads to easy hoops.

I'd be willing to bet they spent a lot of time working on this over the past 3 days, let's hope we see some positive changes tomorrow night.

Have you been reading Kate Hagan's Deep Sixer? It's very good, especially her chats.

Yeah, she's a huge upgrade over Narducci. Hopefully they'll wise up and get rid of Jasner too. Did you see his post suggesting they start Willie Green instead of Thad?

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 10 at 23:19

No. You're older than me, right (I'm 23); did the Inquirer always suck? Even Bill Lyon was always hugely overrated.

Yep, I'm 32. Jasner is the Daily News guy. The Sixers haven't had really good coverage for as long as I can remember, but I didn't always keep up with the Philly papers so I can't be sure.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 11 at 1:48

It's really weird. When I was looking up stuff about Sergio, I came across all these Blazers blogs and they have hundreds of commenters on every meaningless post, and guys at practice talking to the players. And the guy who has the main beat, Jason Quick, for the local paper is a genius; see his classic interview with Darius Miles. It isn't like Philly doesn't do sports blogging, the Phillies blog coverage is ridiculously good. But for the Sixers it's you, a few other guys, and very light traffic everywhere. I don't get it. Maybe the rise of sports blogging coincided with the Iguodalazation of the team, and people are just apathetic about the Sixers.

Yeah, the Blazers and the Warriors have huge blog communities. When I started, I think Passion and Pride was the only other Sixers blog. As the team gets better, there will probably be more blogs and also more traffic/comments.

I'm sure I turn people away by spending so much time on the Yanks/Eagles, but those are the teams I care about, so those are the teams I write about. We'll see what happens.

I look forward to seeing some type of progress from the sixers tonight. Ironically Brian your 3 favorite teams are mine as well. I was born in NJ but somehow never got into the Giants.....
I would say the team that has consistently caused me the most pain is the Eagles(Dallas game monday night....botched field goal...nuff said ), then to a much lesser degree the Sixers. and then the Yankees. The Yankees have won a LOT so its not on the same level as the other 2 teams. So whats your order of pain ?

For me, the losses that hurt the most are playoff losses. If a team doesn't make the playoffs, it blows, but I have plenty of time to deal with it. Whenever one of my teams makes it to the playoffs and gets knocked out I'm pissed for weeks, maybe longer.

I guess the Eagles have caused the most pain, overall. That 4-year stretch when they went to the NFC title game, then the Super Bowl, man. That was like a dagger to the heart four straight times.

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