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You know that Brand has broken 20 once, shot 50 percent or higher from the field just once as well (same game, against the Knicks joke of an interior defense), and turned the ball over three times or more in every game but one? I think he's right up there with Iguodala and Miller in disappointment.

gdog2004 on Nov 11 at 22:22

Right now the sixers are a very bad team. They are going to lose that game tomorrow too...
nice 2-6 start. So far they beat two teams that are clearly rebuilding and have gotten outplayed badly in every other game as well as blowing a 23 point second half lead. We could use the "they just have to get used to each other" excuse. Hmm...lets see...the celtics swapped out almost their whole DAMN team last year and they didnt seem to have any issues. Every team every year has new players and they figure it out. This is going to get really ugly really fast. Its a long season and all but if you watch the sixers games you can clearly see their parts really dont fit together. Not sure what else to say on it...

Tray reply to gdog2004 on Nov 11 at 22:38

Well Garnett's a leader, you know; Brand's not really the type to get Iguodala's head on straight. And it's hard when he's playing indifferently himself. The solution will have to come from the coaching staff, there's no one on this team who's going to motivate everybody to get their act together.

Agreed it's going to have to come from the coaching staff, although I disagree that Brand's playing indifferently. He's getting zero help on the offensive side of the ball, everywhere else he's been better than advertised.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 11 at 23:30

Fair enough; he does play defense, but our problems are offense and turnovers, and he hasn't been that great in either regard.

Yup, he has to shoulder some of the blame, but take a look at my post from tonight. He's basically on an island against a double team every time he touches the ball in the post. Not many guys would be putting up numbers like that without some help from their team. I'm not talking about hitting open jumpers either. I'm talking about giving him a clear option to pass out of the double.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 12 at 0:02

Yeah, bad spacing, not many shooters to pass to... but, you know, Duncan put up 23 tonight on 11-17 shooting and his starting backcourt was Roger Mason Jr. and George Hill. Then again, he was playing the Knicks. I just don't see Brand looking like a dynamite post player right now. He doesn't just outmuscle everyone like Boozer, he's not a man of a million moves like Jefferson, he's not quite athletic enough that his height isn't something of a disadvantage against bigger fours - oh, and his mid-range jump shot is good, but not Webber-in-his-prime good, or even Boozer good. I do feel like he's not quite the same guy he was before the injury, and I'd be very unsurprised if this year he's just an 18 and 10 guy, 49% shooting, 1.5 bpg.

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