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I like the signing, I don't want the Yankees putting all their eggs in the Phil Coke basket.

I'm glad he's a Yank, just would've preferred they pick up his option instead of making it a three-year deal.

I agree that it would have been a smarter, more conservative move to pick up his option. But the deal is same as J.C. Romero's and if Marte stays healthy, it's a good deal (compared to this time last year with Kyle Farnsworth). It all depends on whether or not Joe Girardi knows how to use him and doesn't blow out his arm. And yes, the Yanks may have gotten a hometown discount because he could have probably gotten more on a one or two year deal from someone else.

(PS... big THANKS to the Yanks for not allowing Marte return to the National League and wreak havoc on the Phillies :-)

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