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After all my willie bashing, I have to give it to him. Great job. Of course, let's see what he does over the course of a few games : )

Guess you won't be using the garbage cans on this one. (BTW, I miss the Garbage meter!)

I almost broke it out after the first game.

From ESPN,

an interesting stat on the 10 big signings of over 50 mil. before the start of this season: the words BUYER BEWARE might be good advice...

Three are out with injuries (Ellis, Arenas and Smith) while Deng, Davis, Okafur, Brand, Iguodala, Bogut and Williams have all seen their PPG avg. drop and are all averaging under 16 PPG.

The only outperformer is Andris Biedrins, who is averaging 17 PPG, up a whopping 10 points from last year's 8 PPG avg.

Personally, I feel like the Willie criticism is unjust. I do the same things though, question whenever he is in the game. However looking at his stats he is hitting over 50% of his shots shooting well from behind the arc and getting to the foul line. He also has only had one game where he had over 3 turnovers and it came against Orlando when the whole team was turning the ball over. Also, to put icing on the cake, for every turnover he does have he is generating almost 4 assists, that is unheard of especially for Willie. Hopefully he can maintain this pace throughout the year and he could even be a candidate for sixth man of the year.

He's had 3 good games, all in Sixers wins, oddly enough. 2 really bad games, and 2 nothing games. My two biggest issues with Willie have always been shot selection and lack of defense. His shot selection has looked better this season, his defense hasn't really.

No way am I getting on any kind of Willie Green bandwagon, but I will say this. I feel more comfortable with him in the game right now than I do with Lou.

Bart reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 12:16

Wow... it's weird, but I kinda feel the same way. I'm not sure I'm exactly comfortable with either, but of the two, right now I'd take Willie.

If anything, I think Willie's experience is helping him right now. He's able to adjust to game conditions, so to speak. Of course, I still think he shoots too much, but if he's hitting, I'm not gonna complain.

Lou, on the other hand, is basically full speed all the time and almost completely one-dimensional in his thinking. He needs to learn to get into the flow of the game, read defenses, and adjust his play accordingly. That might - might - come with time. We'll see, I guess.

Perhaps Willie saw my comment on the Utah game.

Well, it's a vital win and hopefully we can get into a bit of a winning streak to get everyone starting to feel comfortable.

Great game by Willie. Every time the Raptors look like they had a run in them he hit a big shot. Having just ONE guy hit open shots makes the world of differnce on this team. I wish willie could do it consistently. Time will tell...
Thad has cooled off a bit the last couple games.
Deep down I think our best lineup may be with him coming off the bench filling in at SF and PF.
This would mean Iguodola could move back to his natural postion and either Willie/Lou or Rush could play SG. Just a thought...you need someone at SG who can nail open jumpers consistently.

you need someone at SG who can nail open jumpers consistently

This really is not Willie. He was hot last night, and like I said, it was the best game of his career, but he's a horrible shooter, historically.

Aaron reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 11:47

I feel like Iguodala can hit open jumpers, hes just slumping now. He needs to be a more active scorer instead of being a passive one. If he attacks the basket like the other great ones do, Kobe,Lebron,Pierce,AI,Wade he will draw contact. He needs to get to the line a good 8 times per game. This will open up his shooting game so much. He will get points and begin falling into more of a rhythm and then his confidence will be back. It also opens up the whole offense more.

He's cut down on his bad shots dramatically. Last night he got most of his shots in the post, on the break, and on wide-open catch and shoot opportunities. I've liked what I've seen from him over the past couple of games.

Bart reply to Brian on Nov 13 at 12:23

In a sense, there's nothing wrong with treating Iggy like a shooting guard when the game begins. Within a very short amount of time, it'll become clear whether or not he's actually gonna knock down shots. If he's cold, Mo has to react... slide him down to SF and bring someone else in. The problem, as you hinted, Brian, is that neither Willie nor Lou is a sure fire solution. You could bring one of them in and he could suck just as bad as Iggy. I like Kareem, but Mo's not buying into him as a regualr rotation guy, so that idea's out the window.

Anyway, the point is that we have three shooting guards (Iggy, Lou, and Willie) and none of them is a reliable shooter. Mo just has to get lucky on most nights and find a way to play the hot guy when he's hot.

Tray reply to Bart on Nov 13 at 13:42

Rush is a slightly more reliable shooter, and he's a 2. And at least we have a reliable-looking small forward. Of course it's only a few games.

AllphillySports on Nov 13 at 15:52

Man you guys like to bash willie,last time i check he's in the NBA and we're watching him at home.Negadelphia is a bad disease,Chill Out

I agree Brian which was why I asked the ? yesterday about the +/- with Lou b/c I was not seeing production from him considering his minutes as compared to his instant offense from last year. Was good for Mo to limit his minutes last night.

I also agree with Gdog that Mo should bring Thad off the bench to spell the 3/4 positions with one of the others starting at the 2 moving Iguodala to his natural 3.

One other thing.

ABSOLUTE Classic headline for this post!! I was cracking up when I saw it. ABSOLUTE Classic!! WG Fathead anyone...

I missed the game. How did Speights look out there last night?

And congrats to Willie. My opinion of him remains uncchanged though, until I see him consistently take less poor shots.

Speights looked really athletic and raw most of the time, and like a guy who knows how to put the ball in the basket at other times. If/when he really learns the game at the NBA level, he's going to be very, very good.

I also think he's capable of playing center, which is something I wasn't sure about before. He may turn Sammy into a trade chip next year, if you can find someone to take his contract.

Also, the headline clearly should've been Andre Iguodala Doesn't Play Like a Total Dickhead.

I'm saving that one for either a 30pt game, or a triple double.

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