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I'm with you on this one, Brian. If not for the Phillies this year, I'd be in a bad mood with these Birds, the Sixers and that other sport in town that no one seems interested in anymore.

So hypothetically in the Dallas game, McNabb wins by puking in the 4th quarter and Romo slips on it in the next series and fumbles the ball because of it and the Eagles win? Now that's a disgusting thought.

Did you hear Bernard Hopkins' comments on Donovan McNabb? He really questions his leadership... here's the link


Hate to say it, but B-Hop's right. The truth hurts. No one would question that McNabb has talent. What this team lacks is a leader.

gdog2004 on Nov 13 at 17:34

B-Hop is dead on. Nothing pisses me off more about Mcnabb than his laughing and smiling with the other team after a terrible loss like he was at the end of the Giant game sunday. I know its a game and all..but this is your JOB. Guys on the defense are killing themselves trying to win ...I wonder how that makes them feel to see Mcnabb be seemingly just as happy to lose the game as when he wins the game. Mcnabb has the talent...his issue is mental. Always has been...like TO said in is book...Mcnabb chokes under pressure.

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