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Lets see if the Sixers have Truly turned it around...it seems the sixers as a team hit a lot of jumpers wednesday..open and otherwise. Thats not gonna happen everynight so we will see what the sixers can do after a semi-big victory.

I hope Brand's mid-range game against TO was indicative of what we're going to see from him regularly, he was unconscious from 15-feet and in.

He should really be able to do work on the blocks against the Pacers, we're going to have to see how quickly they double him and what the Sixers do to counter the double.

Just curious, you don't see Mo putting EB on Foster (offensive liability yet hustling offensive rebounder) and Sammy (quicker) on Murphy to make sure we limit his 3's? Isn't that a logical move?

I personally see Jim putting Foster on Brand and Murphy on Sammy. I think he uses Foster as a primary defender on EB and still brings the double on occasion to try and fluster Elton.


Not sure about Foster covering Brand, makes sense. I don't think either of them really has the foot speed to keep up with Brand's low post moves, but Foster is longer, which could give EB fits.

On the other end, I think Brand sticks w/ the outside threat, at least that's what I'd do. Sammy gets exposed when he's covering someone in space. I'd put EB on Murphy.

It'll be a good thing to watch for, though.

Nice write up as always Brian.

I was invited to go to the game, but working until 7:30 sort of stymied my plans!

I will be watching when I get home though!

I'm glad I just got the League Pass free trial. This team is ugly. Franchisee 1 and Franchisee 2: combined 2-20 so far.

Tray reply to Tray on Nov 14 at 21:30

And the real franchisee shows his face (and Royal Ivey goes +16 in 11 minutes, move him over Sweet Lou in the depth chart now).

I hope you didn't stop watching.

Tray reply to Brian on Nov 14 at 22:20

I don't have L.Pass anymore (free trial), and I'm in Durham. Big win, big sign of promise.

Bryon reply to Tray on Nov 14 at 22:24

Tray i'm in Henderson. I agree. Definite confidence booster.

The fact that this team is even in the game is pissing me off. Indiana does this every game.

Big start, small finish.

That's what i'm screaming. My Willie G. fathead better be in the mail!!

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