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This team was down 22-2! Incredible. Eerily similar to portland game last year. The sixers fall into bad habits when they settle for too many jump shots. When they don't make them it puts stress on their transition D (which hasn't been very good to start the season). They need to stay aggressive on the boards and on defense and not settle on offense.

Whenever they get in a rut like they did in the first they should be calling plays for Thad. I realize he's only 20, but he might just have the highest basketball IQ on the team, and I also think he's the least-likely guy to take a bad shot. He always does the right thing, according to what his defender is doing, give him too much room, he'll stick the jumper, press him, he'll drive right by you.

He also seems to know when the team needs him to put a bunch of points on the board, and he rises to the occasion. I can't say enough about this kid.

gdog2004 on Nov 15 at 9:43

Nice comeback win. The best thing over the last 2 games that I can see is when it comes to crunch time...Iguodola--despite being the 80 million dollar man--steps back and lets others take the shots. I dont think Iggy is a crunch time player YET. Willie Green has been the man the last couple games...without him the sixers lose both of them. Sure he doesnt play defense but he is not afraid to take a big shot...and he makes a lot of em too. Interesting mix this sixer team has....

Willie was huge in the 4th and you're right, he's not afraid to take the big shot. Being afraid to shoot was never Willie's problem. He's been hot and he's also been taking good shots over the past two games. Let's hope he keeps it up. He's the only guy to hit a three for the team last night, and he's also 5 for his last 6 from distance.

Due to League Pass always giving us the opposing teams' announcers (why is this??), this was not really touched upon and no replay. But in, I think, the 4th quarter did anyone take note of that sickly athletic move that Thad had on the baseline under the basket where he kind of scrambled for it and took the ball from the Pacer and went behind the back and then came out with the left handed scoop from under the rim for the finish. Pretty nasty move!

Yeah, he ripped the ball out of Granger's hands and put it in before he even knew what happened. Thad and Iguodala were both super aggressive on the boards. Something or someone lit a fire under them after the first and they were all over the glass the rest of the game.

Bryon reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 11:17

Would love to see a Youtube of that. It happened so quick like you said Thad probably didn't even know what happened.

We need a nickname for Thad. It's worth noting that the last four letters of his name are Latin for God.

Someone tried to go with "Young Vet" last year, but I don't like it. Needs to have a better ring to it, oh, and it also needs to say he's going to be an all star (not this year, but it's coming).

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