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Thumbs up to League Pass finally selecting the home coverage tonight. It was nice to hear Zumoff with a l'il home cooking.

Hence the tidbit from Salmi that you were referring to Brian about Mo rallying Sammy. I was wondering what had gotten into him with his effort and abandon.

He was a monster on the glass and for about a five minute stretch he just abused them whenever they came into the lane. Good to see the big guy contributing.

Salmi made another great point late in the game. During garbage time Reggie Evans was still out there throwing his body around and hustling like a lunatic. Salmi said, "Marreese Speights is out there on the floor with Reggie Evans right now, and he sees a veteran who doesn't let up. Doesn't take plays off. That has to rub off on the young kid."

Max reply to Brian on Nov 15 at 23:07

Speights(08-09) = Thad(07-08)

Speights is going to be really good.

Tray reply to Bryon on Nov 16 at 5:29

Zumoff sucks, you know this. Get off the seesaw.

Bryon reply to Tray on Nov 16 at 10:37

Seesaw?? Man, I'm on the 747 riding high with Zumoff and Salmi. Living in NC and having to hear the opposing team's announcers on nearly 80% of the Sixers games wears thin. Nothing like a good old Sac Kings crew.

Tray reply to Bryon on Nov 16 at 15:19

Really, when I did the free trial of League Pass before I had to buckle down and do my thesis I was so happy to hear the road announcers. Zumoff is terrible. He's got the "we're on the seesaw" trick, he's got the "and we're coming in for a landing here in Wachovia Center" line, he's got the weird, idiotic, bizarre thing he does where he'll be like, "McKie has four steals - he has TWENTY-four points," or, "Thaddeus for three - he has twenty-THREE points," you know, where he somehow thinks these two numbers are connected because they both have three or four in them, and of course he loves to be a booster for the bad players. As in, "WILLIE GREEN'S GOT 13 POINTS!!!"

Zumoff doesn't bother me that much. I like Salmi, he makes some good points. He actually writes a blog sometimes for Comcast, good stuff. I do like the local commercials you get from some of the away broadcasts, though. Especially the ones from Utah.

OKC is a garbage team. They started Robert Swift? I mean really, come on, are they serious?

You know what I like the most? How they are crushing teams on the boards. It doesn't matter who they play, they are the best rebounding team in the league. They are like a +9 differential right now, or something like that.

Always good to beat bad teams in this way, gives confidence

after Sam, now we need to get LW back at his level, he's really pissing me off with those (missed) long jumpers and the selfish play. Too often he dribbles, dribbles, dribbles and then forces a shot, while the others just watch him go 1-vs-1

he can beat his man off the dribble, so why he's not doing it? Mo should leave him on the bench for a game or two, or at least cut his minutes and/or put Rush ahead of him in the rotation

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