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That was pathetic. No one wanted to win this game! Freaking pathetic. Screw the Eagles.
How long is it till Spring training?

Someone should put some EX-LAX in the post game buffet and let Reid be first in line....

This whole organization is a joke. You cant get your team ready to play against a 1-8 friggin team ? I am sooo ready for a new coach and for Kevin Kolb. I know rebuilding takes time but its better than being mediocre for the past 4 years. We all know Mcnabb isnt good enough to win the big game and Andy reid isnt a good enough coach to outcoach a good coach.

Not only that, a 1 - 8 team with a freaking journeyman backup QB with only 8 NFL games to his name prior to this one.

Cincy has even more problems than we do. They don't even have a GM. Yet the best we can do is scratch out a tie in this city. Pathetic.

I'm not defending McNabb, but notice how many passes thrown to LJ turn into INTs? Hopefully a piss poor performance like this is enough to wipe that idiotic grin off his face.

I've lost the will to even curse at this team. The eagles are the living embodiment of "Groundhog Day" the movie.

Yeah, we're doomed to a loop of mediocrity, at best. A respectable Defense, and absolutely no offense. The only way the Iggles were going to get a win was if the Defense took it into the End Zone, as there wasn't a way the offense was going to step up.

Last week, Big Ben said in a post game interview "I lost this game for my team, I let down my teammates." Even in defeat, he acted like a leader. You'd wouldn't hear McNabb stepping up like that.

The Eagles/Bengals game irked me because you don’t play to tie the game, you play to WIN the game. (Thanks, Herm Edwards of the 1-9 Kansas City Chiefs!) Maybe the moniker should be changed to that you play to tie the game, though. Shayne Graham of the Bengals attempted a field goal with seven seconds left in overtime, but it sailed wide right, and moments later the game ended as a result of a tie. Y’know what? Here’s something for all of you that bash baseball: at least in baseball, ties don’t result (please don’t bring up that ’specific’ All-Star game in which Bud Selig screwed baseball fans).

This is the very reason I can't stand hockey and soccer. No game should ever end in a tie, ever. What a waste of time.

this team has pretty much either sucked or been mediocre for the last 4 years. What does it take for Lurie to pull the plug on this regime...I mean seriously. Even if we had an all pro team around mcnabb...he will never win a big game when its on the line. Never.

And in the post game news conference, McNabb didn't know you could play to a tie in the NFL.... UNBELIEVABLE. Compare him to Big Ben in terms of taking responsibility and being a leader. B-Hop was right. The guy has talent, but no leadership ability and no ability to perform under pressure.

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