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Very creative, Brian! Great job on the sale of cattle....er...Darrell Rasner.

Years ago, I think the Toronto Blue Jays sold part time 3rd basemen Cecil Fielder to the Hanshin Tigers in Japan. Cecil was making chump change and not getting much playing time in Toronto and became an everyday player over for the Tigers. He reached cult status in Japan and came back to have success in the Majors so who's to say it isn't possible for Rasner? (Although it's unlikely).

Mr. Baseball had some classic quotes. Like this one:

We're not athletes, we're baseball players!

Awesome post. Almost made me spit out my lunch when I read the craiglist post!

The Golden Eagles are rather the doormat than the leader in the Pacific League.
Darrell Rasner surely can be their Ace.
And who can say Rasner won't come back to have success in the Majors once he establishes his confidence in throwing strikes?

Alex K. on Nov 18 at 9:40

Hahahahahaha.. awesome.

hahahaha that's brilliant

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