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I consider myself lucky to witness my favorite pitcher's last game in the Yankees Stadium, the very last game of his career, and his first ever 20th win season.

Some pitchers continue pitching even when it hurts the fans that know and love them to watch them (see Greg Maddux).

But Moose is leaving at the very top of his re-defined game. While it's a classy move, as a Yankee fan, he's leaving unfinished business. He deserves to earn his 300th win as a Yankee and we as Yankee fans deserve the chance to see it.

Moose come back, at least for another year.

On the topic of the Yankees, what do you think of the formal shift in power from George to Hal? I thought it was Hank that does all the talking.

Hank does all the talking, Hal controls the money therefore makes the decisions. I was a little surprised when they made it formal today, but that's been the structure since last Fall, as far as I know.

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