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Looks like the double teams aren't what did us in after all.

What kills me about last night’s game is that I can’t stop feeling that we continually shot ourselves in the foot. I must have groaned about 20 times throughout the game.

Obviously, missing all those free throws really hurt. Beyond that though, it seemed like every turnover, even though there weren’t a ridiculous amount of them in total, was absolutely a killer. That opening stretch at the beginning of the 4th quarter was particularly aggravating. The Wolves get called for a moving screen and we get called for a moving screen (Sammy) on the other end. Next, the Wolves have a wing player step out of bounds and we follow that up by having our wing player (Willie) step out of bounds.

Even with the game that Jefferson (and Smith) had, we had our chances. However, instead of capitalizing on the Wolves mistakes, we just turned around and gave the ball right back to them.

The final insult to all this injury was seeing Jefferson and Miller win the game doing exactly what we had hoped to see Brand and SOMEBODY do for us, which is make the opposition pick their poison between a big man down low or a shooter on the wing. I keep hoping that we will see the Sixers put the shoe on the other foot and start doing this to other teams very soon.

That play that ended the game, with Miller hitting the three, that's exactly what I want Thad and EB to run. Instead, they still insist on clearing the entire side of the floor for EB when he gets the ball in the post, doesn't make much sense. Minny wasn't doubling him last night, though. He just couldn't hit his shots.

I actually started watching the game exactly when it turned. It was 21-10 and iggy missed four consecutive free throws. It should have been 25-12 instead it was 21-12 and minny scored 8 more straight. Then Miller sat down and the whole thing went to crap. Why was it so difficult for the sixers to defend the pick and roll? Where was the adjustment? I'm baffled.

I think the problem is that they're too rigid, which may have something to do with youth/low basketball IQ (Sammy).

For example, when Randy Foye is running the pick and roll, there's no reason to switch, you don't even really have to fight over the screen. You can go under the screen and give him the open three, he isn't a very good shooter from distance.

There are some tandems where you're in a tough position because the guard is an excellent shooter and the big is either a great shooter, or a great target rolling to the hoop. That's not the case with either Foye or Telfair running the point. That automatic double off the pick and roll caused problems that they really didn't need to cause. I'd like to see the big just show on the other end of the screen, then get back to his man instead of doubling so aggressively and forcing the entire defense into a desperation rotation all over the floor.

Al Jefferson is the player I thought Elton Brand was. After watching Brand now for 10 games I realize hes nowhere near as good as Jefferson.
Sixers didnt play horribly but lets be honest here....the wolves are 1-8...and the Sixers lost to them. The fact that they didnt win is horrendous enough. Still looking for evidence that this is a playoff team...They have ONE win against a quality team. Indiana. Toronto had no Calderon...and thats huge for them.

Jefferson has a ton of moves on offense, and he looks better down in the post, but I wouldn't say he's a better player than Brand. Brand's shot hasn't been falling, but he's the complete package. Al doesn't defend like Brand, and I think Brand's mid-range game is better as well.

Couple things:

Besides the blind optimism, you've become a really good blogger. All the stats and game tape stuff is great.

Gomes and Smith aren't bad. I mean, 35 combined is a little much, but it's not like, "oh my god, how did you not stop these two scrubs" bad.


Coming into last night, Smith and Gomes were averaging a combined 16.4 points/game. They more than doubled that, no one else really did more than their average that's why I pointed at the production from those two spots as the difference maker. I think Smith killed the Sixers in that game after the break last year too.

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