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I could see this playing out just as you mentioned. Even if it does, I don't see us making the playoffs.

I think the Giant and Ravens game are both losses. I'll venture a guess of their record at 7-8-1, as Andy is so predictable, I think John Harbaugh and his Ravens might get the best of him.

You might have started something here....you mentioned Cowher as a good coach for the Eagles, and now Cowher's name is being mentioned on other Eagles blogs as well. Maybe it will gain some momentum. I couldn't think of a better, blue collar, smash mouth football coach for these Eagles. Let's hope Lurie is listening to the fan base.

I'd be happy with Cowher, maybe happier with a younger, hungry guy. It depends on how good you really think the talent on this team is. If you bring in a guy like Cowher, then you think you're almost there. I don't think you bring him in to rebuild. If you think you have a core (DeSean, Kolb, the LBs, Asante, maybe Westbrook at the end of his career), then going w/ a young coach to handle the rebuild may be a better idea.

Although we lost John Harbaugh, there's always Jim. Isn't he a college coach somewhere?

I honestly dont see the Eagles winning more than 7 games...MAYBE 8...but certainly no playoffs. I attribute at least 3 losses directly to Andy Reid and his refusal to run the damn ball and predictable play calling.
Ironically the one thing that everyone was worried about has turned into a bright spot....the wideouts. Desean will be great and I like curtis a lot.
Id take Baskett or Avant over Reggie Brown.

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