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Not in Philly. No stable internet connection. Working 2-10. I basically get to see no Sixer games anymore.

Thad vs. Thornton when/if they guard each other should be interesting. Last year, Thad dominated Thornton in the one game I remmeber. Al had like 10 TOs or something. Thad drew multiple charges.

Yeah, my impressions of Thornton were that he played out of control, jacked up too many shots and didn't play any D at all. His stats actually look pretty good so far this season, so maybe he's toned it down a little. Looking forward to seeing them go head to head.

We should track pick and rolls/pick and pops defensed since they got lit up against the T'wolves.

Why would the Clippers do Randolph for Mobley/Thomas? Randolph signed through 2011, the other two signed through 2010 - granted, on talent they win, but only in the "if this guy actually played up to his abilities/could play defense" sense.

Not only was it a stupid move when you take the cap into consideration, but where are they going to play Randolph? Are they going to start him at the three? It should be funny watching him trying to guard small forwards.

tray reply to Brian on Nov 22 at 18:54

Nah. Randolph at the 4, Kaman at the 5, Camby playing 28 minutes off the bench.

I'm with you Tray. The Knicks just got bailed out.

Needed win for the Sixers.

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