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PhillyFriar on Nov 21 at 23:38

Good to see that I wasn't the only one annoyed by the Clippers announcers. The Speights thing was downright embarrassing, as was the comment that went something like this -- "And Thornton shows Young a thing or two there" -- followed by a mention of them as 2nd year players. It bugs me when people hint at Thornton being so much better when Thad while ignoring the elephant in the room -- that Thornton's a full 4 and a half years older than Thad.

As for the game... I'm becoming more and more convinced that the Sixers are going to tread water, beating terrible teams in close games much like tonight, until somebody figures out how to run a half-court offense. Iguodala just isn't getting shots to fall, they haven't figured out how to fully utilize Brand yet, and Lou has looked lost lately. It won't be pretty, and hopefully one (or all, but that might be asking too much) of the above things start happening soon. Please!

Thad's 4.5 years younger and he's still better than Thornton. Al just had a good game tonight. I bet if you asked all the GMs in the league who they'd rather have right now, every single one would say Thad.

As for the team as a whole, I think you're right. We're going to see flashes of brilliance, when they're running and working in the half court. And we're going to see stretches like the 2nd and 3rd tonight where they look like they have no idea what they're doing in the half court. As the season wears on, they'll learn as a group what works and what doesn't. Not only the team has to learn this, but the coaches too. It's going to take some time, we just have to hope they can win enough games while they're learning so when it all clicks they're in a good position to make a push for playoff placement.

And they need to stay healthy. Derrick Rose and Jermaine O'Neal both went down w/ leg injuries tonight. Not good for the Bulls and Raptors.

IMO it's two things that are problematic for the sixers and you hit on both. The biggest problem is when the second team comes out there. The starters build a lead and then the reserves piss it away. It's happened multiple times this season. Only the Indiana game was different. I would like to see Ivey come in to run 2nd team point - you can even have Lou come out with him as the 2 if you need to find minutes for him.

Then Thad gets forgotten on offense. I don't know what is going on but Mo has to start calling plays for him.

I understand not wanting to make a 20 year-old kid the focal point of the offense, but when the half-court O is stalling for extended periods of time, I don't understand why they don't go to him. Nothing else is working and he's done everything you've asked of him so far. What's the harm?

3 biggest reasons the sixers are struggling...Iguodola not being able to shoot, Lou Williams not being able to run the point.
Elton Brand not quite being the beast everyone thought he was. add in the fact that the sixers really are still working on learning to play with Brand and it all adds up to a below average team.
Some may defend brand saying the team doesnt have the spacing...etc.

But consider this...
I personally thought we were getting the second coming of Barkley in philly.
I remember seeing Barkley in Philly...when he had NO ONE else on the team...no shooters...teams would double him, triple him...it wouldnt matter he would get his no matter what. Everyone knew the ball was going to him and they STILL couldnt stop him.
I see the same thing with Al Jefferson and Carlos Boozer this season.
These guys are DOMINANT on the low blocks.
Brand is good...not great. At least not so far. I generally always watch the crunch time of every sixers game at the least and when the game is on the line he rarely steps up...I know he hit the shot last night but that was certainly not the norm.
The way Brand played against the Knicks is what I thought I was getting. So far not the case...

Ironically these 3 players are who the sixers have elected to be the future of the team with over 200 million invested in them.
I hope Iggy will get better, Lou will get smarter and Brand will be more clutch now that he is the man in crunchtime.

I don't think we've seen enough crunch time in 12 games to say EB isn't going to come through. There have been 2 games decided in the final couple of minutes in the past week and a half, the Sixers won both of them and Brand hit key shots down the stretch in both. Give it some more time before you say he can't get it done when it counts.

Comparing him to Barkley isn't fair. He was the best PF I've ever seen, and a completely singular talent.

One word on your comments about the announcers - AMEN!

And there are some on here who say they prefer the opposing team's coverage. Go figure.

On the NBA TV highlights you could hear the barely audible audio in the background from Comcast on the Iguodala block and steal and save and on the Brand game winner with Zumoff sounding off. Sure would have been nice to hear that instead of those plank heads we were provided.

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