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A rare good play by Considine and Hansen is taken away.

That kicker had the distance. We got lucky there.

Here's a dismal stat...
Dan Klecko is the leading receiver for the Eagles at the half...

Mcnabb and this offense flat out suck.
and please...PLEASE sit Brian Westbrook...all he does is run 1 yard and fall down every damn play. Let Buck play...

With Westbrook hurting, Reid deactivates Lorenzo Booker for the game. Now Booker hasn't shown anything but...HUH?! What happens if Buck's knee doesn't hold out?

OMG... AM I HALLUCINATING, or is that Kevin Kolb?!

Yup, I think we may have just seen the end of the McNabb era, and hopefully the beginning of the end of the Reid era.

This move really shocked me. This is going to mess with McNabb's head. Does this mean McNabb is outta here and on a fast train home to Chicago in the off season? What do you think Brian?

I don't know. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Reid is desperate, which is a good thing, I guess. If Kolb has even a little bit of success, McNabb is done in Philly. His only hope is that Kolb performs horribly.

The only way Reid can back out of a move like this is to say he was sending a message to the entire team, or make up an injury for McNabb.

McNabb's playing shitty, but I don't think Kolb is going to do any better, as long as Reid is calling the plays. So this looks like the end of an era....out with a wimper.

Did that look like Offensive Pass Interference on Samuel earlier?

Yeah, absolutely.

Kolb's not doing any better. Does that open the door for McNabb to come back next week?

Probably, who knows. Reid is a complete mess at this point.

I'm out in california so not getting this game but be curios to hear what Reid says after the game regarding McNabb and pulling him, how will they play it out to the media...to me it just smells like desperation. Reid probably feels he needs to make the playoffs to even consider saving his job and after that god awful tie (and the totally blown out of proportion week McNabb had regarding that tie) he's going to try anything - they pretty much have to win this game today.

you are lucky you are missing this game. It's painful to watch, like a trainwreck in slow motion.

John reply to JJ on Nov 23 at 15:57

I've got cowboys with joe buck and troy aikman - joe buck is seriously the devil of all announcers and i want him to suffer some minor disease that causes him to lose his voice forever.

"Watching" the game on Sportsline.com - I think the problem is that the eagles just aren't very good - top to bottom - they're an average team with above average expectations and this could be a long term issue that I'm concerned about.

I just want to say that it seems that Kevin Kolb likes DeSean Jackson :)

He likes Ed Reed more.

Aikman's a thoughtful announcer, but Joe Schmuck is just awful. I wish they'd get Aikman a better guy to share the booth with.

That last INT was a stake through the heart. This season is over.

Good one, Brian! LOL It even hurts to laugh about it... I'm depressed.

Maybe all that love of DeSean Jackson was something the Ravens picked up on, they aren't dumb defensively.

I don't buy that the McNabb era is over, yet, I'm waiting for the post game comments from Reid and how he couches the McNabb benching in the second half...if somehow there's an 'injury' involved - it'll be interesting - short week too - and a game I get to see - and the cardinals don't suck this year

If Asante Samuel isn't healthy for the Turkey game, Warner could throw for 400 yards.

Does Joe Flacco remind you a little of a young Daunte Culpepper, before injuries?
(PS... Admittedly I was wrong on draft day. I wanted the Eagles to draft Culpepper)

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