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I'm on the "fire the Walrus" bandwagon. There's talent on this team, of that I'm sure. But there's some guys that have to go but ultimately, the buck starts and stops with Andy.


In the press conference, Andy revealed that he didn't even tell McNabb himself that he was benched. He had another coach do it!

Way to destroy McNabb's fragile confidence....WOW!
Bring on the Cards. No Samuel = Kurt Warner 400 yard game.

Not sure what to say...11 games into this season its over. I dont ever recall the Eagles season being over so soon...
I applaud andy Reid for switching to Kevin Kolb...Kolb was in a tough spot. But I knock reid for running a clearly injured Brian westbrook into the ground.
Andy continues to make shit calls...I hope the Eagles play all young guys(including Kolb) and draft or trade for a fullback/Big running back and a quality tight end this summer. I like this team defensively a lot. Mcnabb is done here and its partially his fault. bad decision making, piss poor throws and not hearing/paying attention to the rush. Time to move on Eagle fans...the Eagles will not play another meaningful game until september 2009.

I'm not defending Andy's playcalling, but....
Unfortunately Andy had no choice but to run a hurt Westbrook.

Buck hurt himself in the first quarter, and in Andy's infinite genius, piece of shit third string back Lorenzo Booker was de-activated before the game. And So it was basically run a hurt Buck, a hurt Westbrook, or...gasp... run with Dan Klecko.

Talk about hurting your chances before the ball was even snapped...

Donovan deserved to get bench, taking into account last week too. (That said, I don't think Kolb gave the Eagles a better chance to win this game.)

But, I can't believe that after 10 years of having their fortunes tied together, that Reid didn't have the balls to tell McNabb himself.

Donovan deserves that much.

Kevin Kolb wasn't put in a good position today, so we shouldn't judge him based on his performance. But, it just doesn't look like he has a very good arm. Not a good start to the Kolb era, however it may last, at all.

Well, something has to change now at least... right?

Dude, the fun is only beginning. TO, throwing up in the SB, limbaugh? This is only the beginning and it will trump them all.

To all those who want to get rid of Andy, sign the petition:


No joke, a serious site to vent your frustrations and sign your name.

Jerseydre on Dec 1 at 11:10

I'm all for firing Reid. I definitly agree that he has lost the team. At least offensively. The offense does not seem to beleive in the plays that are being called. So in that instance its time to change up the coaching staff. I think Donovan deserves to retire an Eagle. I dont want to see him go through a Favre like drama here. He can still get us to the promiseland. He just needs a coaching staff thats gonna put him in position to win. Plus he needs to scramble more. But can Reid give Mcnabb another year or two. Kolb isnt ready. ALthough that situation was tough he didnt make the most of it. His arm isnt better than McNabss and his mobility in the pocket is lesser than McNabb's. So IMO McNabb is the guy there. Plus I dont hear anybody on the offensive side of the ball speaking up to hand the ball over to Kolb. If he was that good you would think somebody on the team would vouch for his readiness.

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