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Good effort from everyone.

Was glad to see Rush get a minimal run. I think he can help this team in more ways than one as he can drive and kick in addition to spotting up. He may be a liability on defense (maybe the reason he doesn't get many minutes) but he didn't start all those games for Indiana last year for nothing.

Totally agree and frustrated with Ivey not gettin any consistent minutes tonight.

To grind out another win with NO fast break points will be tell-tale at the end of the season. Absolutely huge although not as magnified at this point in the schedule.

Good win, I like the fact that the starters are getting into a groove. A very good sign. But now, Mo has to start tending to the bench and making sure he's playing people who will run the offense and keep leads.

I don't think the Warriors come back all the way if Mo rolled with the rotation he used in the first quarter. When Iggy got his first foul early in the 3rd he should have brought in Lou or even Rush. Lou is at his best when he's on the court with Miller in my opinion.

At this point Willie Green's stats don't matter. He's just garbage and bad things happen to the team when he comes in.

Decent halfcourt execution Sunday. However, if the Sixers cant beat Orlando(possible) or the Celtics(slim chance) I wont really believe in this team. ...They need to go on a run and beat some GOOD teams. Not just teams that are decimated manpower-wise because they made trades with the Knicks.

Can't see the game tonight due to the Hurricanes hockey team overriding the Bobcats coverage in the Raleigh market therefore NBATV has it blacked out b/c it thinks everyone in the Carolina market is seeing the Bobcats. AAARRRGGGHHH!

Look forward to the write up, Brian.

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You can watch the game here.


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