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Man, really hate to see them cough this one up. Look forward to your write up tomorrow. What was Thad doing to look so bad? Trying to handle the ball and turning it over?

Thad didn't really look bad, his shot was just way off. He had at least three wide-open threes, and they just didn't fall. Good shots, had a chance, just rimmed out.

Hey Brian,

I've been away for quite a while and haven't yet had the chance to catch up on your many Sixers posts during this timeframe. However, I've been able to watch all the games and can say two things:

1) Mo still hasn't figured out which rotations work in which situations... and I doubt he ever will.

2) LouWill has regressed. He's a low percentage gunner with bad court vision and substandard passing skills. What this team needs most right now is a highly competent backup point guard and LouWill absolutely isn't it. I can't help but wonder whether Ed's considering a trade. It would probably be for the better if he is.

Lou can't really be traded this year. He can, but according to the CBA, the Sixers would have to take back the entire value of his contract, whereas the team he's traded to could only count half of the contract's value against their cap. It's only an option if you're trading with someone who has cap room to burn, and you're willing to take back 1/2 as much in the package.

6 games away from that 20 game evaluation Brian.
I maintain the Sixers have beaten ONE decent team. Indiana...everyone else was shorthanded or just flat out sucked.
Looking at the schedule..I see the sixers no better than 10-10 although 8-12 would not surprise me. Theres talent on this team....but I am not so sure as a whole it meshes. The sixers are * Mungro-ing just about every team they play.

Mungroing- refers to when James Mungro from the colts rushed for like 200 yards against the Eagles..everyone thought he was going to be great but as it turned out he was just great against the Eagles sucky run defense.

Didn't I say 25 games? I hope so.

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