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So I looked at the Sixers in terms of Win Score relative to last year.

Here is how it looks thusfar...
Name --- 0809 --- 0708
Iguodala --- 8.95 --- 9.32
Miller --- 6.23 --- 7.84
Brand --- 9.78 --- 14.16(06-07)
Speights --- 12.16 --- 6.81(JSmith)
Dalembert --- 13.91 --- 13.91
Young --- 7.73 --- 11.10
Green --- 5.40 --- 3.22
Williams --- -2.07(yes, negative) --- 5.52
Evans --- 11.62 --- 12.00
Ivey --- 4.98 --- 2.30(from Mil)
Rush --- 7.83 --- 4.66(from Ind)

Here is the average win score by position... (basically bigs have a higher one)
PG - 6.3
SG - 6.1
SF - 7.3
PF - 10.3
C - 10.8

So Thaddeus was an average PF pretty much and is an average SF.(for now) Iguodala is better with respect to his position than he was last year, despite his shooting woes. Miller is still an average PG. Brand has been below average for his position by a little. Sammy has been the same as last year, and has been our best player. (Brand should be our best, but isn't doing what he typically does) Speights is much better than Smith was and ever will be.(Brand wasn't needed?) Willie is playing out of his mind, but still is below average. Lou Williams is destroying the team right now.

I still like the Brand signing, but his numbers need to improve.

I love this kid Curry:


Granted it seems obvious to pass when you're double teamed, but for a potential scoring champ to not care at all if he's held scoreless as long as the team wins, would Kobe or AI do that, especially at 20 years old? I remember when his dad was on the raptors -- seemed like when he played the sixers he wouldn't miss a shot.

Tonight's ESPN game is the 2nd sixers game I'll have seen this year (both against orlando). Is there a good place to view or listen to online NBA games (I don't think my cable provider in Wisconsin has an NBA package).

Rough road coming up for the sixers. I WANT to root for this team...they are my second favorite sports team in general(behind the eagles)
The similarities are frightneing...
Like the Eagles---they play pretty good defense and have all kinds of issues on offense.
Like the eagles...they have big money players that are woefully underperforming. (Mcnabb, Westbrook, Iguodola, Brand)
And like the Eagles one of their top players is a few bad plays away from having the home crowd turning on them (Mcnabb, Iguodola)
My gut says this is a 1-5 span for the sixers.
I would love it if it didnt turn out that way..but the sixers havent shown me anything to make me believe otherwise. Sadly...if not for some lucky shots by Andre Miller (3 pointers from a career 20 percent shooter)this team could be 5 and 8.
Defense does indeed win championships...but you need to have some guys who can score in the clutch consistently when everything breaks down. Sixers do not have that...
All of you will get a good look at some teams that DO have that and see that is what sets them apart. Take a look at Terkoglu/Howard, Pierce/allen/garnett, Gordon/Rose, Kobe and Iverson/Hamilton/wallace over the next week and you will see what the sixers are missing.

Brian I guess the 25 game evaluation is coming up soon...
Looking at the Sixers next 11 games...I see them going 4-7 which would then give them a record of
I think if thats your record after 25 games you need to start thinking about who you can trade to make this team better and also start questioning Mo Cheeks as a coach(there are reasons why Portland didnt want to keep him). Its a lot harder to over-achieve when no one expects it vs when teams actually gear up to play you.

Brand played well tonight...Unfortunately the Sixers arent even good enough to beat a short handed Orlando team. I look for them to get blown out friday and then struggle at home against chicago.

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