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Brian, when I commented for the first time and said that this had been a MUST read for me for the last year and a half I had no idea that this blog had only existed for close to that length of time.

I used to go to the Sixers forums on Philly.com fishing for any relevant or sane nugget I could find about my beloved Sixers who I have rooted for since the late 70's. With limited games being shown nationally at that time, it was easy to favor the Sixers as they were frequently making the Finals to no avail around that time and going into the early 80's.

Someone had linked your site on one of their comments and it has been a joyful ride every since (and no need to read that drivel on the forums anymore!). I never imagined I could find someone so passionate and so in-depth as I thought only I was about the team. So let me reciprocate your statement and say 'Thank you' to you for the time and effort and passion that you exude and extend to us on a daily basis.

And may your newborn enjoy its first Thanksgiving along with the rest of your family.

Brian, you are the man!

Happy Thanksgiving bro.

This is one of the five websites on my bookmarks toolbar, love it.

Have a great thanksgiving.

This is my favorite website. You have a good group here. Happy Thanksgiving to you, the Mrs., Nora and James Donald!

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