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Who were those guys running the ball in Eagles uniforms? And who was that fat guy on the sidelines? He looked like Andy, but he sure didn't PLAYCALL like Andy!

Although it's just one game, it's encouraging. In Wednesday's Inky had a Bob Brookover article titled "Front-office sources fault line, receivers." The gist of the article is Andy is not going anywhere.

Again, if Tom Coughlin could change his ways,
maybe there's still hope for Reid. Trying to see the good in what is left of the season.

gdog2004 on Nov 28 at 14:44

nice win by the birds. Where was this power running game a season ? This tells me that it IS coaching...and not McNabb.
At least the Giants game will have some meaning....
If they beat the Giants(a VERY big if) I think its possible they could run the table. Lets hope the giants win this week and maybe clinch.

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