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Well I guess we're coming up on that 20-game mark where you finally pronounce on the team's chances, Iguodala's failure to score 19 or more all year or do much of anything else that would merit his huge contract, etc.

Wheels are coming off this team....
The sixers have not beaten ONE good team that had all of their starters(Toronto missing their all star point Calderon). I thought Indiana was good but they are 6-9 at this point. They have lost to 2 teams that have less than a 33% winning percentage (minnesota and charlotte)Gotten blown out by a team that is only 500 (Miami)and blew a 23 point 3rd quarter lead. (Atlanta). Sixers AT BEST will go 2-3 their next 5 games. This will put them at 9-12 and in DEAD LAST PLACE (like they are now). They are worse than the rebuilding Knicks AND Nets. Mo Cheeks is going to have to be fired by mid season and they are going to have to find a way to either move williams/green or maybe even Iguodola or Sam.
Honestly I would be surprised if this team wins more than 35 games....as everyone and their brother said who were down on the Sixers..."the team cant shoot"
and they cant. and they STILL cant ...even with Elton Brand.

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