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We suck Brian.

Jophus reply to Jordan on Nov 30 at 19:10


Changes must be made immediately.

This is so frustrating. I came into this season more psyched than I've ever been, and this team just cannot get it together. They'll put up a quarter of the basketball we know they're capable of, but then they just lose it and don't seem to find it again for another week. I agree--changes MUST be made. I don't know if a coaching change or a player change would be better, but I don't think any of our players have raised their trade value this season, so I don't know what's out there for us. Maybe a post on potential trades or signings?

I took the first step toward potential trade posts.

Funny when I was doing my five game predictions this is the one game I always counted as a win.
Holy F*** does this team suck. Elton Brand seemed to have a decent game---21 and 12--game--Thad was ALL first quarter. Iguodola--8 pts, 6 assists, 3 boards and 4 turnovers. and Gordon lit him up.
Thats a nice line for the 8th guy off the bench...not your franchise player. Lou Williams was horrendous...
Dalembert was invisible.
Heres my prediction over the next 4 weeks.
Mo Cheeks...fired.

Dalembert, Iguodola or Lou Williams has to be traded. No one in their right mind will want Iguodola for his ridiculous contract. The Sixers need a shooter in the worst way...

Iguodola is a pretty good small forward...problem is we have Thad in that spot. So either Brand has to move to center or Iggy has to be traded or benched. He DOES contribute...but he cant play shooting guard. I maintain what I said 3 weeks ago...you cant have a shooting guard who cant shoot.

It's definitely possible that Mo could be gone. I'll have a post on him later this week, if things don't turn around quickly. This was the also the one game I thought would definitely be a win out of the five game stretch. Just a horrible, horrible loss.

Brian I also was out for a (sweet) 4 day trip to Paris, I missed the Orlando and Boston games and just watched the Bulls game

I will have my own recap tomorrow, but I would say it was better for you to miss this one. All losses are disapponting but this was by far one of the worst ones I've seen in a while

Sixers right now have 3 players MIA (Iggy, LW and Sam), a horrible coach (Mo in the third went with a line up of LW, Ivey, Rush, Evans & Speights !! Needless to say, Bulls reached their largest lead of the game, that was eventually extended in the 4th) and look passive and lost on both ends.

Green being our MVP of the game should tell you everything you need to know

Maybe after getting some sleep I will calm my firey arse down, but right now I am so pissed off it's unbelievebe. And I am an optimistic Sixers fan.... 2.32 AM here, and watching this team live was definitely not worth...

Enjoy your stay, wherever you are

Typical game here Brian, good first. Horrible second. Then there was a point in the beginning of the 3rd where the game was lost. Chicago turned the afterburners on. During this spurt iggy got lit up by Ben Gordon (at least I think iggy was guarding him - I had to listen to it in the car) and on offense he turned it over three of five times. Game over. At least there consistent.

There is something amiss here. It's a combination of factors but mostly it seems like the team has alot of useful parts that don't mix. Brand can't flourish with the backcourt he's been given. We need more reliable shooting. Since we are at the 17 game mark I believe a few trade or not to trade posts are in order. Maybe a top 5 things wrong with the team. It'll cheer me up just to blog about it.

gdog2004 on Nov 30 at 21:46

Being I am still pissed at this game and there is no Eagles game to focus on...I will give my top 5 of whats wrong.
1)Iggy cant play SG because he cant shoot which kills the spacing on the floor.

2)Dalembert is a modern day Charles Shackleford. Nuff said.

3)Bad coaching..we have 2 reliable 3 point shooters that seem to have only played what seems like 2 minutes.

4) Lou Williams is like an Iverson type who cant shoot but has the same shooters mentality.

5) The first four are enough to make this a lottery team.

Yeah, no changes soon mean no playoffs for us.

Not quite to that point yet. Right now NY and NJ are holding playoff spots. I don't think things are going to stay like that.

This is getting embarrassing.


It seems to me that

a) if Iguodala keeps playing so poorly, no one will want him

b) but his continuing to play this poorly is the only way we trade him,


c) he's not going, but

d) since this team's not going anywhere, we can afford to trade Dalembert for shooting and start Speights, making Iguodala the sixth man/the 3 in a really small lineup we could play 15 minutes a game, or, a starting 2 but he wouldn't play much 2. The other option obviously is trading Miller, but maybe you just let him expire and sign a new point.

Check out the post on trade chips.


Once again, Thad starts hot and he sits and then he barely gets the ball the rest of the way.

I really loved Cheeks as a player and he is a classy person too but it is apparent he isn't getting it done this year. Either they tuned him out or he just can't motivate them anymore. Lynam shouldn't be given the gig either as he's responsible for Xs and Os and that obviously hasn't been working as they are looking clueless out there.

Either they tuned him out or he just can't motivate them anymore. Lynam shouldn't be given the gig either as he's responsible for Xs and Os and that obviously hasn't been working as they are looking clueless out there.

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