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I have no problem with making a line up change FOR THIS GAME - the bulls lack height - so it's not a huge thing - however I absolutely refuse to accept willie green in the starting line up - i'd rather have louis williams in the back court with miller - they can swap on defense - cause we all know that Derrick Rose abuses Andre Miller on defense anyway and I don't like Willie Greens defense.

The Louis Williams as point guard experiment really needs to end soon - and mo's love for willie green needs to end sooner (like last year)

Lou is capable of playing a serviceable point, he did it for long stretches last year. He needs to be sat down and have explained to him that he is, in fact, the point guard, not Allen Iverson, not the guy they want taking every available shot.

Willie has always been and probably will always be a 10-15 minute off the bench player who's capable of getting hot and giving an offense a quick boost. If he's starting for you, you have serious, serious problems.


He's not a point

He's never been asked to be a point, he didn't grow up being a point, he's not a 'serviceable' point guard, he's a short shooting guard that the sixers are trying to FORCE into being a point guard, which is asinine. He has no natural point guard instincts. All trying to force him to be a point guard does is mess up the strengths of his game. He's an undersized shooting guard, and always has been and always will be, you can force him to play out of position or you can let him be what he is and get rid of that piece of crap willie green. The delusion that Louis Williams can be an NBA point guard is why the sixers are so ROYALLY screwed now that Miller seems rapidly in decline - they have no other options.

I'm tried of people saying louis williams is a point guard just because he's short - he's not - he's an undersized shooting guard - and at shooting guard he's better than willie green long term if the sixers let him be what he is and stop trying to force him to be what he's not, but the sixers (nor their fans) seem capable of doing that be it Louis Williams, Willie Green, ANdre Iguodala or Thaddeus Young

I'm going to disagree here. Last year, when they made their big second half run, Williams play at the point was a big part of it. He cut down on his FGA and distributed the ball extremely well.

Now maybe he could be a small shooting guard as well, and maybe that's his best role in the future, but as long as they're playing him at the point, they need him to play it like a point and not a shot-crazy SG. Speaking of which, even if he is a 2 guard, his shot selection needs to improve drastically.

I don't get why people would want to remove Sammy. The major problem with the team is the 2 spot. So to solve this problem, we are going to maximize the minutes of the players who are sucking at the 2 at the expense of minutes for our 2nd best player right now, in my opinion, in Dalembert.

Sammy hasn't been playing well. He looks more lost than anyone in the half-court. Your point is valid, though. I think the problem is that I don't see a solution at the 2 on the roster right now. It's an imperfect solution that may just make this team better offensively, which is the big picture problem at this point.

OK, I'm getting mixed up now. Thought this comment was in response to the next post.

No, I don't think removing Sammy in favor of any of the 2 guards on the bench is a good idea at all. Removing him in favor of Speights may make some sense.

Sorry, no sleep last night.

Sammy hasn't been playing well for years...it's just there were no better options - there now is a better option

Unfrotunately sam will whine if he gets benched and cause distruption

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