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I think this is a good idea and that it would be wise for them to try it. I don't think everything is Sam's problem either but Speights is another guy the other team will have to guard.

I think they need an offensive scheme. Most of the guys are just standing around on offense (when Elton has the ball) or pounding the ball before taking a contested shot (LouWill, Iggy, Green). It seems a bunch of them still don't know their role which shouldn't be the case this late in the season.

Removing Sammy is going to provide less shots for this team and give the other team more and that is just rebounding. Teams are going to get better shots one on one against Speights since Sammy is superior in one on one D. Tema sare going to get to the rim more easily as well since Sammy is a better help defender.

I think this would work out to be a one step forward, 3 steps back as of this point in Speights' career.

Also, from what I saw in the preseason/summer league, Speights isn't ready for 25+ minutes a night or anything like that.

I don't see why Cheeks can't just give Speights more minutes though. Stop messing around with the small line ups when you have depth at the 4 and 5, while having little depth at the 1, 2, and 3. There should be close to 30 minutes out there at the 4-5 a night after Sammy and Elton get theirs. Why can't Speights get 20 of them?

How about just letting Speights run w/ the starters for 5 or 10 minutes/game in the interim? He's played 7 minutes all season with that group. The bulk of his minutes have come with Lou, Willie or both at the guards. Not sure how you can flourish under those circumstances, or grow as a player.

I've been calling for Speights to start over Dalembert for about 10 days now - he's just better than Sam - Sam defensively is over rated and offensively he sucks - thus the sixers start off at a disadvantage playing 4 on 5 offensively, speights has already shown more offensive skill this year than sam has his entire career - will he make rookie mistakes? Probably but at this point his mistakes can't be any dumber than sams.

I'm not sure how removing sam provides 'less shots' - as sam can't dribble or pass or post up and has no shooting skill - speights is a real big man - he would draw a double team down low (since brand seems allergic) and be all the things offensively sam isn't - and speights has a basketball iq higher than sams (which isn't tough) and the rebounding wouldn't take as much of a hit as people think but I bet there'd be less defensive three seconds called.

I think the first step - since Mo is still the head coach - won't involve a rookie - Mo is still old school in his idiocy and approach to rookies

Absolutely worth a shot, this kid can play. It's time to get him in there and get experience now so it pays off later.

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