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The pistons don't 'kind of suck' now they're still pretty good when they're on - the sixers on the other hand - and i hate to say it - i've been looking for excuses, rationales, reasons, whatever to not say this - but the sixers SUCK - ANOTHER strong first quarter followed by pathetic ball and the sixers are trailing in Chicago - you got announcers commenting on how Sam is mouthing off to cheeks and iguodla on the bench (unsurprising) and ben gordon and derrick rose shred the back court at will.

The only possible win I see in that streak is nj and let me tell you how much i hate seeing badger alum devin harris beat the sixers - i knew i wanted him on the sixers somehow before he was drafted

It appears VDN likes wing players since he has 5 on the court.

Joe reply to Joe on Dec 2 at 22:34

Cheeks counters by taking the only PG in the game in Miller out and brings in Lou Williams.

Now there are 9 wings and Speights.

Oh wait, Gooden and Brand are coming in now... sanity appears to be returning.

My post game is going to be 100% about Mo's rotations (and VDN's mullet).

Look at what we're capable of when a certain someone plays like he's worth at least half his contract.

Heh, "Iguodala not playing like a total dickhead."

John reply to Brian on Dec 3 at 11:53

Or maybe when Mo doesn't play the players who suck (you know like evans) and plays the best available talent regardless of 'veteranosity' - the sixers can win

Man, this team is really having problems closing games out. Jeez.

I'm just happy they're within 10 at this point. Anything more is gravy.

This has probably been the ugliest game Mo has coached this season. You aren't going to believe the sub patterns and units.

Joe reply to Brian on Dec 2 at 23:04

I have been following the play by play online. It seems like the game has been pretty ugly.

Speights played a lot at least.

Willie got 34+ minutes. How does that happen?

It's madness, pure madness.

A three by Gordon here for the game? 90-88, 23.9 seconds left.

Well, you guys wanted to know who was going to take the last-second shot to win it. It's going to be Iggy, but it shouldn't be.

Are you fucking kidding me? A three from Miller is the best you can do at the buzzer?

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